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Make A Portable Garage From A Truck Topper

Make A Portable Garage From A Truck Topper It gets hot out here in the summer and it can be quite unbearable to work in the sun. I often would like to work when its raining as well but I cannot find rain gear that can hold up to the abuse I put it through. I have tri

Skidding Logs With A Lawn Mower For The Sawmill

Skidding Logs With A Lawn Mower For The Sawmill You can skid logs with a lawn mower (garden tractor) if you take it easy. I have skidded logs with my garden tractor for years and it is still going strong. It mows the lawn, does chores on the property and skids logs as needed q

DIY Miller Table Recovering A LOT Of Fine Gold From My Yard

DIY Miller Table Recovering A LOT Of Fine Gold From My Yard And A Miller Table Explained     I converted my sluice box into a Miller Table quite easily by painting it and then roughing up the paint so it wou

Simple Modifications To The Blue Bowl Gold Concentrator For Better Gold Recovery

Simple Modifications To The Blue Bowl Gold Concentrator For Better Gold Recovery     I have had the Blue Bowl Gold Concentrator for about 8 months now and have used it quite a bit during this time. Where I l

Awesome High Power Affordable ThruNite Catapult V6 LED Flashlight

ThruNite sent me their Catapult V6 LED flashlight to review with 750M range and 1,700 Lumens. This light is powerful and affordable.   The ThruNite Catapult V6 LED flashlight uses a CREE XHP35 HI LED for long life and super high intensity. And with the larger 26650

Wowtac BSS V3 Tactical LED Flashlight Review & Real World Test

Wowtac sent me their BSS V3 tactical LED flashlight which I put through real world testing to see if it can hold up to their claims.   My tests generally include long term use in the real world every day, shock testing, under water tests and beam distance testing. &nb

Oittm USB Powered Mosquito Killer Final Review

This is the Oittm USB powered mosquito killer field test and final review. I have been using this for a couple weeks now and would like to share my thoughts with you.   First of all since this is USB powered, it is the perfect off grid or camping device for killing insects. I

Orcatorch T20 Tactical Flashlight Stress Test And Real World Use

I have been field testing the Orcatorch T20 tactical LED flashlight for a few months and here are the final results and my impressions of this light.   First of all, out of the box, this is a very impressively packed flashlight. The Orcatorch T20 tactical LED flashlight comes

Sunjack USB LED Camp Light Multi Color Daisy Chainable

Sunjack has sent me two of their remote control, multi color, daisy chainable USB LED camp lights. These lights are really cool with many different color combinations and a remote control. The LED lights are powered through a standard USB port so they are very versatile. I have worked wit

Landnics 36 oz Sports Water Bottle Field Test & Review

I have been testing out a Landnics 36 Oz sports water bottle for a few weeks now and these are my opinions after using it all this time.   First of all the larger size is very nice because now I can carry more water with fewer water bottles. This reduces waste weight when hik

Mini Ink Pen Fishing Pole and Reel Combo Review

I just got this little ink pen sized rod and reel combo off the internet. There are a lot of these floating around out there on the internet and I wondered if it would make a good survival fishing pole for my bug out bag. Because it is so small it would be perfect for bugging out. Or would it? Re

ThruNite TN42C Spotlight Extreme Field Testing & Daily Use

ThruNite sent me their super powerful TN42 flashlight with a visible beam range of 1,550 Meters/yards. This LED spotlight is so bright that it can be seen from 5 miles away and outshines even argon lamps.   The TN42C LED search light has a CREE XHP35 HI LED with a

How to shovel show safely and efficiently

Winter brings a lot of snow. This means shoveling out your car, sidewalk or business front. Many people suffer with painful backs or even heart attacks from shoveling snow. This happens especially in areas which do not see much snow each season. This is how to safely shovel snow....
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