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Mini Ink Pen Fishing Pole and Reel Combo Review

I just got this little ink pen sized rod and reel combo off the internet. There are a lot of these floating around out there on the internet and I wondered if it would make a good survival fishing pole for my bug out bag. Because it is so small it would be perfect for bugging out. Or would it? Read on…

This little combo comes with an open face fishing reel and a little ink pen sized fishing pole. It is a telescopic fishing pole. When it is closed, it looks just like a large ink pen. It even has a clip for your pocket, just like an ink pen. The fishing pole is about the size of a large ink pen when folded down but opens to about 36 inches when fully extended. The fishing reel seems fine at first glance. It is a small sized reel and the hand crank folds down to its side to make it smaller for traveling.

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Pen sized fishing rod and reel combo
Fishing Rod Pen and Reel Combo





You pull off the pen cap and then you can extend the telescopic fishing pole to its full length. The pole feels very light in your hands. I had my doubts if it would work at all, but figured the manufacturer must have tested them before sale, I hope. You attach the reel just like on a normal fishing pole. Slide in the tabs and screw the thumb screws tight to hold the reel in place. Then string out the fishing line and attach your lures.


Setting Up The Ink Pen Fishing Pole Combo
Setting Up The Ink Pen Fishing Pole Combo


The thing I do not like about this fishing pole is that the eyes on the pole are way too small for my liking. I prefer to permanently attach a snap swivel on the end of the fishing line and string it onto the fishing pole when I want to go fishing. When I am done fishing, I slip the swivel out through the fishing pole eyes and remove the fishing reel for storage. With this little pole, you cannot get a swivel through those little eyes, so you must tie on a lure directly to the line. This prevents simply changing lures when you are fishing. When you are done fishing, you must cut the lure off the line to remove the fishing reel and close the fishing pole up for storage.

The fishing reel looks and works just like a standard sized reel. It has an adjustment for drag and a switch to allow the reel to spin backwards freely if you need. It functions smoothly and feels like any normal fishing reel. The spool is thin plastic, but should last fine if you take care of it. The drag is a bit weak and a larger fish would be quite a challenge to bring in though.

On my first cast, I was quite surprised how well the little fishing reel worked and how far it cast. It gets your lure about 30 – 40 feet out there. Now, on the package, it says that this pole is good for ice fishing, from a dam or from a boat. So it was not designed to be cast out very far. But, since I dont have a dam, boat or ice right now, I want to try spin casting.

Using a panfish spin casting lure, the fishing pole handles surprisingly well. It casts out smoothly and reels in well. After about a hundred casts and retrievals there is a little bit of noise as the line passes through the eyes. It sounds like there is a bit of drag on the eyes, but they appear to be fine and it did not effect my casting or retrieval at all.

The fishing pole is easy to handle and I got my lure right where I wanted it with every cast.



I eventually caught a fish on the pole. It was a sunfish. The fishing pole handled very nicely and I landed the fish with no trouble. I was also impressed that the fishing pole did not bend over in half like I had expected from such a small pole. I would not try to catch anything larger than a bass or trout. Actually, I would be afraid how the fishing pole would handle a large bass. Sadly due to the late time of year, the bass are dormant right now, so I will have to wait and find out.

Overall, this seems to be a good addition to your bug out bag. This little fishing rod and reel combo is very small and ultra light for back packing and hiking. If you need to hot foot it out of town and head for the hills, this little fishing pole may save your life one day. It could put food on the table. This fishing pole is not as rugged as a hundred dollar rod and reel combo, but it is so cheap you can keep a couple of them on hand just in case one breaks. If you take are of it, the fishing pole should last well enough. Due to the metal housing and the fact that the fishing pole is fully enclosed and protected when it is folded up, it is a great backpacking pole.

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