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How to revive old antique wood and furniture

Antique wooden items and furniture can be brought back to its original luster and beauty relatively easy if you follow this short article. As long as your wood has no broken parts, missing corners or peeling lamination, this article will help you get your wood looking nice again.


The item used in this demonstration was an old bar style dart board case which was out in a damp storage place for many years. It had not been properly taken care of and showed a lot of dirt and wear. There were a lot of scratches on the wood. There was even some mold on the wood in places.


Cleaning and oiling old wood




You can see all filth and scratches in the wood. The wood also has a dull appearance. It was not cared for properly. Now it will get a nice coat of wood oil.


Get some Old English wood oil. This cleans and protects while you work all at once. For very dirty wood, use a damp cloth to clean off all the dust and grime. Then wipe it dry. Make sure it is thoroughly dry for the next step.


Get a soft lint free cloth or some paper towels and wet the cloth generously with oil. Rub the wood along the grain with the oil.


Using wood oil to protect and restore old wood




Simply oil every part of the wood. Get into every crack and crevice of the wood. Use a corner of your rag if needed to clean out corners and curved areas well. You will need to keep moving to a clean piece of the rag as you work. The oil picks up a lot of dirt from the wood.


When you are finished the wood will have a nice clean shine to it. Now, according to instructions, you are supposed to wipe the excess oil off after a few minutes. I let it sit overnight.


The next day I apply another coat of oil on every surface. Then let it sit again for a few hours. You can wipe off the excess oil after a while.


Your fine wood item should look beautiful again. The wood oil smooths out dings and small scratches making them nearly invisible. You can see indentations in the wood, but the color is even and the dents are nearly impossible to see.

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