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ThruNite TN42C Spotlight Extreme Field Testing & Daily Use

ThruNite sent me their super powerful TN42 flashlight with a visible beam range of 1,550 Meters/yards. This LED spotlight is so bright that it can be seen from 5 miles away and outshines even argon lamps.


The TN42C LED search light has a CREE XHP35 HI LED with a life span of 20 years. This is quite impressive life for a LED light. ThruNite has added their 7.2 volt 6800 mAh battery pack with this version of the light. They have another version which takes 18650 rechargeable batteries.


ThruNite TN42C LED SpotlightThruNite TN42C LED Spot Light


This super power spotlight has 6 modes of operation. They are as follows:


  • Strobe 680 lumens - runs 10.8 hrs ,
  • Turbo 2000 lumens runs 1.5 hrs,
  • High 780 lumens runs 5.3 hrs ,
  • Medium 256 lumens runs 17.8 hrs,
  • Low 38 lumens runs 4.3 days,
  • Firefly 0.8 lumens runs 58 days.




I have had this flashlight for about a month now and put it through extensive testing. My wife Melanie loves this light for daily use outside in the woods. We are on 56 acres surrounded by untouched forested land on three sides so a bright flashlight is important for safety. There are often wild animals and predators out here. The ThruNite TN42 flashlight blinds and confuses predators and just about anything else out in the woods at night.


I once ran up on a skunk out in the yard and held the flashlight beam on it. The animal was confused and just stood still as I approached and passed safely by within 6 feet of it.


Our in the woods one night Melanie and I were camping and we were able to watch a deer passing by as clear as daylight. Sadly my video camera could not do it justice because the light was too bright for it.



On our trip to Michigan we took the ThruNite TN42C search light with us. My Dad helped us by taking his vehicle down the road on one end while we drove away a few miles. We had our cell phone with us and communicated through these. When I turned around and shined the light at him from 3 miles away he could clearly see the light. So we went for 5 miles away from one another.


ThruNite TN42C search light piercing the night like a beacon


Michigan is very flat so we can see for miles with no problem. At five miles from one another my Dad took a photo of the super bright ThruNite search light outshining all the lights in the area. This light shines like a beacon in the night. THe light clearly shows up on the photo. Even my Dad was amazed and excited about this light.


I am sure that we could have gone even ten miles with this light and had no problem seeing it. This light outshines even the argon lamps and yard lights all over the country.


ThruNite TN42 LED Search LightThruNite TN42C spotlight seen from 5 miles away (bright spot in the center)


Back at the off grid homestead in New York we use the light all the time when searching for predators in the night. This light pierces deep into the forest and lights up anything in its path like day light. The camera just cannot do it justice. You have to see this with your own eyes to believe it.


ThruNite claims that their flashlights are rugged and tough. The claim that they are water resistant to 2 meters. So I left the light out in a snow storm and freezing rain for 24 hours. I had fully charged the light earlier so it was a fair test to see what would happen. Many batteries get weak or fail in the intense cold. Most lights would fail and leak water in such conditions.


The next morning I went out and broke off the snow and ice. I dug out the ThruNite TN42C LED spotlight and turned it on. It works just fine. This is one tough light.


ThruNite TN42 Flashlight Hardcore TestingThruNite TN42C Deep Freeze Test


With a beam intensity of 2,000 lumens this is the brightest search light I have ever had in my hands. The only light that can compare with this is another ThruNite product, the TN40 which has a wider beam and higher lumen rating. Although the TN42C has a more concentrated beam and pierces the night deeper.


The ThruNite TN42C search light comes with a package of spare seals and gaskets. This is a typical ThruNite thing. They give you all the accessories you could need and their stuff is built tough. There is a plug in the wall power supply for charging the battery pack. There is the instruction manual. And a carry strap if you want it. I have not found it necessary though in my daily use. Even my wife Melanie carries this around with ease.


ThruNite TN42 Flashlight Unboxing AccessoriesThruNite TN42C accessory kit with spare seals and gaskets


This light is waterproof to 2 meters with an IPX-8 standard.


Shock proof to 1 meter.


Beam intensity 600750 cd


Working temperature -40 C to +40 C


This light weighs 850 grams with the battery pack.


The ThruNite TN42C has thermal protection circuitry built in so that it cannot be damaged from overheating. The light will shut itself off if it starts to get too warm.


To change operating modes you press the power button once and you get low beam. Press and hold the button to cycle through low, medium and high beams. From a powered off state, hold the power button a couple seconds to get the firefly mode. From any mode double click the power button to get turbo mode. Double click from turbo mode to get the strobe light.


I love the memory effect of the ThruNite flashlights. When you turn on the flashlight, it comes on in the last mode you used ranging from low, med, to high. This is great because I generally use one of the settings for normal daily use. In this way when I grab the light and run outside in a hurry because a predator is outside I am not fumbling through a bunch of light functions to find the one I need.


The ThruNite TN42C is the most powerful hand held LED search light I have seen on the market. I shop around looking for the best lights everywhere I go. You cannot find anything in local stores that even come close to the power of this light.


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Watch my full video here on YouTube: ThruNite TN42C Flashlight Hardcore Field Test - Up To 5 Miles


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