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Orcatorch T20 Tactical Flashlight Stress Test And Real World Use

I have been field testing the Orcatorch T20 tactical LED flashlight for a few months and here are the final results and my impressions of this light.


First of all, out of the box, this is a very impressively packed flashlight. The Orcatorch T20 tactical LED flashlight comes packed in a hard plastic case with foam padding which reminds me of a pistol case. This is also jam packed with accessories. There is a heavy duty belt sheath, landyard, extra gaskets and not one, but two batteries in a case. Plus there is an automatic dual battery charger. Orcatorch went above and beyond the competition when packing two batteries in a carrying case for protection.



The flashlight itself feels quite solid in the hand. It has some good heft to it, which makes it a good defensive tool as well as a light. With a defensive front and rear bevel, you are sure to be prepared for an attack with this in your hand. There is a heavy duty shirt clip on the flashlight as well.


There are two switches on this flashlight. The tail switch turns the light on and off. This switch feels very solid and takes quite a bit of pressure to press. The front side switch is used to cycle trough the different flashlight modes.



This light is unique in that it has four lighting modes plus emergency and SOS mode. You cycle throught the four lighting modes by pressing on the side switch. Then a long press gets you into flashing emergency mode. Another single press gets you into SOS mode. A nice feature is that a single normal press gets you back into the last mode used.


The Orcatorch T20 tactical LED flashlight has a memory feature which helps a lot. This light always turns on in the last mode used. This is convenient so you can leave it in your favorite mode and not have to fumble through a bunch of lighting modes, blinding yourself in emergency situations. I also love it because a single press of the tail power button gets my light on and ready to use in case something is attacking our animals in the night.



I love the fact that this light has a spotlight function and a wide angle beam. This light pierces the night with its CREE XM-L2(U2) LED and 980 Lumens but yet you can see all around you with the wider angle beam. One problem I have with LED spotlights in the night is that you are very limited to what you can see. When searching for something in the woods, the wide angle helps me find the target faster. Then the spotlight lights up the night clear as day.




With two batteries, you are never going to be left in the dark with the Orcatorch T20 as well.


The control circuitry inside the flashlight protects the LED from over current but it also protects the battery from over discharge. There is a thermal over heat protection mode to prevent the LED from burning up or reducing its life span. And with reverse polarity protection built in, you dont have to worry about accidentally putting the battery in backwards and burning out the flashlight.


The Orcatorch T20 tactical flashlight is rated at IPX8 water proofing so I put it to a real test by tossing it out into a snow back in a rain storm. I left it outside in the snow and rain for 24 hours. When I returned to the flashlight, it was freezing cold to the touch and had melted itself deep into the snow. But when I pressed the power button, it sprang on immediately and performed as usual.


The four normal lighting modes put out the following power:


  • Turbo - 980 Lumens and lasts 1 hour 35 minutes
  • High - 350 Lumens and lasts 3 hours
  • Medium - 50 Lumens and lasts 22 hours and 20 minutes
  • Low - 2 Lumens and lasts 275 hours

There are also the strobe and emergency modes each with 980 Lumens.


I often use the super low mode at 2 Lumens for walking around camp at night or reading a book so as not to disturb others. This is also useful in a survival scenario so you do not alert others to your location.


The bottom line after using the Orcatorch T20 flashlight for a few months is that I would strongly advise it to my viewers and readers.


You can get the Orcatorch T20 tactical flashlight here: Orcatorch T20 Tactical LED Flashlight

You can watch today's video here: Watch the video now  Orcatorch High End Tactical Police & Military LED Light


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