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Landnics 36 oz Sports Water Bottle Field Test & Review

I have been testing out a Landnics 36 Oz sports water bottle for a few weeks now and these are my opinions after using it all this time.


First of all the larger size is very nice because now I can carry more water with fewer water bottles. This reduces waste weight when hiking or traveling. Most of your average sports water bottles only hold 775 ML, which is about 3/4 the content of the Landnics water bottle. Two of the Landnics water bottles carry as much fluid as three of the common sports water bottles. This can save you a lot of unnecessary weight.


When ultralight hiking or in a survival situation every single ounce counts, making the Landnics sports water bottle a no brainer.



The lanyard is also impressive compared to most that I have seen. The Landnics sports water bottle has a thick braided strap which will not come undone or break on you. This is a huge bonus to me as well since my water bottle will spend most of its life strapped to the outside of my backpack.


Another advantage of the Landnics sports water bottle is the flip lock on the lid. This is truly a non spillable water bottle. I have spilled countless so called non spillable water bottles on the go through the years so this extra lock is a bonus. You have to flip open the lock and then press a button to open the lid. A spring on the hinge causes the lid to pop open for you, making it convenient for one handed operation.


There are two gaskets under the lid. One for the drinking tube and another for the air inlet. The air inlet allows you to get a drink fast with no gurgling or waiting for the air to flow back in.


Another cool addition is the filter screen inside which prevents ice, fruit or other solids from plugging the drinking tube. You can use ice cubes, fruit, tea bags or other items and the screen blocks them from coming out through the tube.


This is our new grab and go water bottle for daily use, car trips, camping or hiking.


You can get the Landnics 36 Oz sports water bottle here: Landnics Sports Water Bottle


You can watch today's video here: Watch the video now  Landnics 36 Oz Sport Water Bottle Field Test & Review


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