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Oittm USB Powered Mosquito Killer Final Review

This is the Oittm USB powered mosquito killer field test and final review. I have been using this for a couple weeks now and would like to share my thoughts with you.


First of all since this is USB powered, it is the perfect off grid or camping device for killing insects. I have used this in our off grid tiny house, in a camper and in a tent during this test period. I also set it outside in the greenhouse for a night to see what it would kill.


In our tiny house it was only getting about one or two mosquitoes per night. This is a good thing since we are inside and not open to the air. Any dead mosquito is a good mosquito in my opinion. It was working but the results were not exciting enough for a video.


Portable Oittm USB Powered Mosquito KillerPortable Oittm USB Powered Mosquito Killer


We tried this out in a camper and got a few more overnight. But still not exciting enough.


So I put the USB powered mosquito killer in the greenhouse, under the covered roof so it was protected from the elements yet exposed to the insects.




In the morning it was loaded with bugs of all kinds. There were at least three mosquitoes and a lot of moths in the bottom of the mosquito killer the next morning. This thing does seem to do its job. It pulls in and dries out insects which get trapped inside. The light attracts the bugs, the fan sucks them in and keeps them in. Then the moving air dries them out and kills them.


We also took this out in a tent while camping but did not show the results on video. We got a deer fly, some moths and a mosquito which was bothering me. I was happy to see that one go.


USB Mosquito Killer At NightUSB Mosquito Killer At Night


Being USB powered and so small, this is convenient to take with you in a tent or camper but works well for in our tiny house as well. I love that it is USB powered so that we can run it literally anywhere we are.


What more can I say? It does its job.


You can get the Oittm USB powered mosquito killer here: Oittm USB Mosquito Killer

You can watch today's video here:
Watch the video now  Oittm Off Grid USB Mosquito Killer Really Works Well


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