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My Experiments With The Tesla 4 Battery Switch

My Experiments With The Tesla 4 Battery Switch

I am experimenting with an idea that is over 100 years old. Well, sort of. My experiments are far from the original. The original patents are from Carlos Benito in the early 1900s where he was switching batteries and capacitors around at a rapid pace in order to draw in energy from the environment. In recent years a modified version of this has been passed around and is called the Tesla 4 Battery Switch.

The problems I have heard about the Tesla Switch is that it kills batteries when run according to the circuits shown online. I have not yet tried this circuit myself and I have no plans to do it any time soon either.

The Tesla Switch circuits online show you to rapidly swap batteries around at 100s of times per second and in some way draw in energy from the environment while powering a motor or lamp. I am being vague here because I am not trying to point anyone in that direction for now.

Some people have managed to get it to work to some extent but I also hear that it kills the batteries. You cannot charge and discharge a battery rapidly without harming the battery. Some people mix in capacitors with batteries as well. Most see eventual discharge of all batteries in the system and have to recharge and start over.

Another issue with this system is it can be hard to get it to work right. You can either deeply discharge the batteries, harming them or over charge them, causing them damage.

Now do not get me wrong. I am not against this circuit. But it is just not the way I am going at this time.

Carlos in his original patent was drawing in energy from the earth and the environment with coils, capacitors and batteries in a way that powered a load and kept the batteries charged up. This is really cool and exciting for sure.

Through the years somewhere along the line the circuits were modified and became known as the Tesla Switch. Again, if you want to build this, please feel free and then come over to the forum and share your results: Tesla Switch Discussions And Modifications

Automatic 4 Battery Switch
John and Ron 4 Battery Tesla Switch Schematic

Above you can see the circuit that John Bedini had in his cigar box Tesla Switch that he demonstrated. Ronald Brandt also showed a circuit that he designed which it is claimed powered a car.

My Experiments Are Much Different

I am not switching anything rapidly at all in my experiments. Rather I am running a load from one set of batteries while allowing the electrons that are already flowing in the circuit to charge up a second set of batteries.

When the first set of batteries is discharged to a set voltage I will swap them around and run the load off the 2nd set of batteries while letting the electrons recharge the first set of batteries in the process. Then swap again and again and so on.

Up to this point I have only shown how I manually swap batteries around by rewiring one set in series and the other in parallel and back and forth.

Soon I will share with you my version of setting up switches to make this easier. Rather than wiring up the batteries by hand every time you want to swap them around you will simply flip some switches instead.

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Later, after everyone has understood the concept of manually switching their batteries around, either by rewiring them or with switches, I will discusss doing this automatically with electronics. But that gets complicated.

Back to my experiments. In a normal circuit you can use a battery to power a load such as a lamp. The battery becomes discharged in the process and eventually you have to shut it all down and recharge the battery.

I have added a second set of batteries which is being charged up by the same electrons that are powering the load. If you missed my previous article with all the details please read it here: My Experiments With Battery Switching





My Experiments So Far

Right now I am running multiple experiments in my lab. I have two sets of 18650 batteries running different tests and even a small set using AA batteries. With the 18650s I have one set powering a load until the primary batteries discharge to a set voltage. Then I swap the batteries around and keep powering the load. I continue swapping until the batteries are all discharged to a certain voltage.

I have another set of 18650 batteries on a digital battery capacity tester which is going to give me precise results from my tests. The idea is to run the load with the first set of batteries until they are discharged to a set voltage. Then swap the batteries around and run it again. Then swap again and so on until the batteries are all discharged. The capacity tester will tell me how much work has actually been done by the batteries.

After that is finished I will run just a pair of 18650 batteries on the capacity testor in parallel to see how much useful power is available in them using the voltage ranges in the previous test. This will give me something to compare with and see if I am gaining any useful energy from my experiments.

Stay tuned.... more articles and videos on the way.



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