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The FrankenMiner 2.1 Altcoin Mining Rig Frame

FrankenMiner 2.1 Mining Rig Frame


Introducing the FrankenMiner 2.1 altcoin miner rig frame. This is an all wood frame for your altcoin mining rig which can hold 6 graphics cards, allowing adequate air flow all around to ensure long life of your rig.


This is an open air mining rig frame for maximum air flow. Wood construction prevents shorts in your electronics.


Price $49.95 plus $20 shipping



FrankenMiner 2.1 Wood Open Air Mining Rig Frame


FrankenMiner 2.1 Open Air Mining Rig Frame Side View


Measures 20 inches wide by 12 inches deep by about 12 inches high. Enough room for an ATX motherboard, 2 power supplies and a hard drive on the bottom rack. Plus room for six GPUs on the top support rails.


The top rail is for fastening the graphics cards into place using small wood screws. The middle rail supports riser cards in the center.


FrankenMiner 2.1 Mining Rig Set Up And Running With 4 GPUs


This is sold in kit form and some assembly is required. Screws, zip ties and wood are all included. The boards are all pre-drilled and counter sunk to prevent the wood from splitting and for ease of assembly.


Assembly and usage instructions are included in the kit.


Price $49.95 plus $20 shipping


Online instructions can be found here: FrankenMiner 2.1 Mining Rig Frame Assembly Instructions


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