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How To Build A Bedini Motor The Parts List

I am going to show you how to build a Bedini Motor - radiant energy device - step by step through articles and video. I will also help people through my support forum and answer any questions as needed along the way.


Viewers on my main YouTube channel have waited a long time for this day to come. Finally I have a full electronics lab where I can do my work properly. I have been gathering the parts needed to build a Bedini SSG (Simplified School Girl) motor so I can share it with you.


A Bedini Motor is not a generator or a perpetual motion machine. It does tap into radiant energy and does a very good job of restoring sulfated lead acid batteries. It can charge up multiple batteries at the same time, increasing the total energy output. It can super charge batteries in a short time once they are conditioned.


A Bedini Motor is very simple to make. You only need a few parts to get it to work. I will list the parts below as well as a place where you can buy them. This makes it easier for those who dont have as much knowledge of electronics.




Below I have uploaded the schematic we will be following as we build our Bedini Motor. This is the same diagram I used long ago when I wrote my first article explaining how a Bediin Motor works. You may find it helpful to read this article now while you wait for your parts to arrive.


Here is the link to my original article: How a Bedini Motor Works


Bedini SSG (Simplified School Girl) Motor Diagram


Bedini Motor Parts List


NOTE: Some of the items below come in multiple quantities but often you only need one to build a simple Bedini Motor. Dont worry, they will not be wasted. You will most likely burn up a few parts when testing your first Bedini Motor. And if you want to expand on your Bedini Motor later, these parts will be useful.


* 23 gauge wire - 100 to 150 feet

buy 23 gauge wire


* 26 gauge wire - 100 t0 150 feet

buy 26 gauge wire


* Wire spool for the coil. 3 inch dia x 3 inch length x 3/4 inch center opening. Tolerance +- 20%. Quantity 1.

    Ok to use the spool from your wire above.


* Baling wire or Lincoln R60 welding rod. Enough to stuff the center of the coil full.

buy R60 welding rod


buy Baling wire


buy Spray paint primer


* 1N4001 diode. Quantity 1 needed.

buy 1N4001 diode


* 1N4007 diode. Quantity 1 needed.

buy 1N4007 diode


* 2N3055 transistor TO3 metal case. Qantity 1 needed but get multiple because you will likely fry some.

buy 2N3055 transistor


* 100 Ohm resistor. Quantity 1 needed.

buy 100 Ohm resistor


* 1K Ohm variable resistor (potentiometer). Quantity 1 needed.

buy 1K Ohm variable resistor


* Neon bulb to protect circuit from overload. Quantity 1 needed.

buy Neon bulb


* Grain of wheat light bulb. Quantity 1 needed.

buy Grain of wheat light bulb


* Connecting wire. 12 gauge or similar. About 6 feet needed at least. More is better for connecting batteries.

buy Connecting wire. 12 gauge


* Alligator clamps small or large. Depends on your batteries. 4 each needed.

buy Alligator clamps


* Ceramic magnets (not neo). 8 to 16 needed, depending on your wheel size.

buy Ceramic magnets

NOTE: do NOT use neodymium magnets. Only use weak ceramic magnets for your first Bedini Motor.


* Bicycle wheel. BMX bike wheel works well. Non magnetic. Aluminum or plastic is best.

buy Bicycle wheel


* Super glue. For securing magnets onto wheel.

buy Super Glue


* Fiber reinforced packing tape. For securing magnets to wheel.

buy Fiber reinforced packing tape



Additional Items You May Need


* Carburetor cleaner. For cleaning out the bearings on a wheel.

buy Carburetor cleaner


* Lubricating oil. For lubricating the bearings. Must be super fine light weight oil.

buy Lubricating oil


You will also need some tools in order to assemble your Bedini Motor. I will list them here for your reference so that you can buy what you need or get your work bench ready.


Tools Needed


* Soldering iron. 45 to 60 watt.

buy Soldering iron


* Rosin core solder.

buy Rosin Core Solder


* Wire cutting and crimping tool.

buy Wire crimping and cutting tool


I will allow a few days for everyone to get their parts together. During this time we will go over some basic electronics training for those who need it. Some of you understand electronics and can read schematic diagrams. But for those of you who cannot, I will guide you along the way.


Please join the support forum where we can share our experiences, ask questions or get help from one another: The Do It Yourself World Forum


I would like to ask every one of you to join the forum now anyway. Most of you will certainly have questions along the way. I will be here to help.


You can watch today's video here: How To Build A Bedini Motor Series ~ Parts List


While you are over there please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my projects and experiments in alternate energy and electronics.


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