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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

"Cold" and "Brew" are words that do not seem to work together, however cold brewed coffee makers have become quite popular these days. On hearing the words "cold brew coffee" for the first time, many people are skeptical about why they should choose it over their normal cup of coffee

Advantages of cold brew coffee

There are certainly many advantages of drinking cold brew coffee. These advantages are related not only with the taste of coffee and the ease of preparing it, but also with positive health effects.

Research has revealed that cold brew coffee contains less acid than other kinds of coffee. Those who have heartburn and stomach problems could drink cold brewed coffee without any concern. In addition to having less acid, coffee made by cold brewing contains less caffeine too. While most of us love the energy boost from the caffeine content of coffee, it is certainly not healthy to have it every day.

With less acid and caffeine, you can avoid numerous health problems. For those who struggle with insomnia, are forgetful and irritable due to having regular coffee, it is advised that you drink cold brewed coffee as it will give you relief.

The taste of coffee is additionally an important factor since no one likes to drink either too strong or bland coffee. The taste of cold brew coffee is definitely much better than any other type of coffee due to the fact that less oil is extracted from the coffee beans during the cold brewing process.

How to make cold brew coffee

You could simply utilize a cold brew coffee maker available in the market for making your favorite cold brew coffee or could make it yourself using cold water and newly brewed coffee.


- 1 lb of fresh coffee, medium to coarsely ground - 2 litres of filtered water


Just like any other way, the coffee will be much better if it is ground prior to brewing.

Place the ground coffee at the bottom of a large-sized pitcher, a small boiler or in a pot. Pour 2 litres of cold water on the ground coffee. After about 10 minutes, when the grains rise to the surface, stir with a wooden spoon so that the entire coffee becomes thoroughly wet. Cover and leave the mixture for 12 to 18 hours. The very best technique for filtration of cold brew is definitely the good old paper filter. Without shaking the coffee excessively, begin pouring it in the filter. Lastly, a concentrate that is extremely dark but not opaque or blur, is formed.

Store the concentrate in an airtight container and put it in the fridge. It will be good for a minimum of two weeks.

To serve, dilute the concentrate to the preferred strength. Some people like to dilute with 2 parts of water to one part of concentrate, served on ice. Others put concentrate straight on the ice. You could even dilute it with milk instead of water. If one wants to sweeten the iced coffee, it is best to use a liquid sugar such as agave, maple syrup or standard syrup.

Whatever cold brew coffee recipe you prefer, in order to start the adventure of cold brewed coffee it is necessary that you appreciate its true value and purchase your very own cold brew coffee maker now.

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