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Preserve Green Coffee Beans For Long Term Survival Storage

Coffee has been with us for a very long time. Coffee is also a very important part of our lives. During WWI and WWII, instead of going without coffee, people found coffee substitutes. That alone should tell you how valuable coffee is to our modern society. With that in mind, you should find ways to put coffee away for long term storage. In case of an economic collapse, coffee may very well be "black gold".


Ever wonder why the coffee shop always has better tasting coffee than you ever make at home?


One problem with coffee is that it starts to get stale as soon as you grind it. Coffee grounds need to be used within about 3 days of grinding it in order to give its fullest flavor. Most people who buy coffee grounds at the super market are buying stale coffee. You never get that full flavor that you can get at the local cafe.


Fresh roasted coffee beans are the next best thing. But then again, you need to grind them yourself, one cup at a time, as needed, in order to get the best flavor. And roasted coffee beans start to loose their freshness with time as well.


Many people are putting away coffee grounds for long term survival storage. This may give one a cup of survival coffee, but will not taste as good as you always remembered it. The coffee gounds will be very old and stale by the time you ever pull them out of storage in a post apocalypse environment.


Some people are putting away whole coffee beans for food storage. This is better, especially if it is vacuum sealed and stored in a dark, cool dry place.


But the very best coffee beans for long term storage are the fresh, green raw coffee beans. These are not yet roasted. They can be bought by the pound at your local coffee shop. Find a cafe which roasts their own coffee and ask if you can buy some raw coffee beans. Most will sell you some.


Vacuum Seal Green Coffee Beans For Survival Lager
Get green coffee beans for survival food stash and trade value


Vacuum seal your green coffee beans and put them away in a dark, cool and dry place and when you need them, roast up a batch. Now you will have the best post apocalypse survival coffee in the area. Maybe in the whole state you live in.


You can learn how to Roast Your Own Coffee Beans at home for the best flavor and freshness.




Get yourself a pound of green coffee beans. Prepare a vacuum sealer bag according to the instructions that came with your particular model of vacuum sealer. Try to measure out the bag to be just large enough to hold your pound of coffee beans.


Simply pour the whole pound of green coffee beans into the vacuum sealer bag and then place it into your vacuum sealer. Suck all the air out. Make sure that all the air is fully removed and the bag is sucked down tightly against the beans. The coffee beans should be very tightly pressed together and there should not be any loose beans in the bag at all.


When all the air is fully removed from the bag, then press down the vacuum sealer heating element quickly and maintain a firm downward pressure until the light goes out.


Remove your bag and inspect it for a good seal. If it holds its seal and all the air is out, it should look just like the photo below:



Vacuum Packed Green Coffee Beans For Long Term Storage
DIY Vacuum Sealed Green Coffee Beans For Survival Stash


Store your vacuum sealed green coffee beans until you need it. One day, coffee may be good as gold for trade value. Especially if you have the freshest coffee in town. You will become famous for it.


Maybe you can open up your own post apoc cafe.

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