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Tips for Navigating at night time

In the video linked below I mentioned about how the color green is by
most people’s opinions the best color to use when navigating at night
time.  It allows you not to be seen as well from a distance, it also
is the easiest color for your eyes to adjust to while showing a high
amount of detail.  When using a green light or any tactical lighting
keep it pointed at the ground and be aware of where they beam is
focused. You don’t want to be lighting your body up by accident giving
away your position if you’re trying not to be seen.  If you are trying
to be seen or found use a white light and point it towards the horizon
so it provides a better chance or being seen. This is the opposite of
what you’d do in a tactical situation.

Some of the things that I like to do if I am not familiar with an area
and night time is approaching are using light beacons. Generally I use
some small and cheap LED lanterns. You can fix them on tree limbs or
anywhere easily seen from a distance.  I usually only do this when you
are going off of a known trail. So in order to find your way back you
put one on the trail and in intervals as you travel so you can always
see at least one light in the distance at all times.  If you’re a
hunter and worried about getting lost on the way home from your
hunting stand, consider using LED solar powered garden lights as your
beacons for your way home.  They will automatically charge everyday
and light up at night time. The only thing to consider is if you had a
heavy snow fall and the snow covers the solar panels, then you may not
get any light if they don’t charge.



Another tip for increasing your night vision at night time. Don’t look
directly at the object you’re trying to see.  Look slightly above it
if you can and or scan around it. Keep moving your eyes around and
it’ll give you a better image of what you’re trying to see.  Look just
slightly to the side of the object you’re trying to see. The best way
to implement this is by experimenting.  Develop your skills now BEFORE
you need them!

If your not familiar with land navigation at night time, you can use
the stars to help you with your compass.  Finding and using the North
Star is the best option but if your clueless like most on how to find
it, get a Google earth app for your smart phone and find it that way.
The app is called Google Sky and it’s FREE! It’ll help you become more
familiar with the constellations. If you’re STILL clueless you can
just find a group of stars in the distance and after you shoot an
azimuth with your compass head towards that direction. Keep in mind
that the stars move with the earth’s rotation so you will have to
reassess and shoot another azimuth every 15 minutes or so to stay on


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