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The Benefits of Organic Germanium

There's so much debate going on about organic germanium. Many scientists are calling it a wonder compound because of its ability to combat almost any kinds of diseases. So, is this claim really true and 100% effective, or is it just another medical hoax?

Nature and History: Sometime in 1885, this trace element or mineral was first uncovered in a mining facility in Freiberg, Germany. Actually, it is pretty abundant throughout the earth's crust. Aside from this, recent studies suggest its existence in fossilized plants, certain food items, mineralized water and some herbal plants.

However, from the pure germanium ore that was taken from the earth crust, many scientists have toiled for years to extract a new compound known as germanium-132, which is the one that is most commonly referred today as the miracle "organic germanium."

Natural germanium exhibits both metallic and non-metallic properties. Its inorganic form is beneficial in the field of electronics, while its organic counterpart is very helpful in stimulating electrical activity down to the cellular level.

By doing so, it induces oxygen catalysis within the body. This is, without a doubt, the most basic characteristic why it is gaining ground in the medical field, as bacteria and viruses normally attack the cellular level.

Benefits and Uses: Because organic germanium enhances oxygen flow throughout the body, it promotes optimum cellular activity. Take this analogy. Cancer cells hate oxygen whereas healthy cells love being oxygenated. So, taking this organic compound proves to be very bad news for cancer.



This is why oncology experts are currently studying the efficacy of this breakthrough compound, as it seems to play a vital role is suppressing the spread and rapid multiplication of dangerous cancer cells. As a matter of fact, Japan and Russia have been in the forefront of using germanium as an alternative therapy for cancer since it has long shown great improvements in strengthening the body's response against certain tumors.

In connection to its cancer fighting ability, this compound also heightens immune function, thereby, improving the body's overall defense against microbiological invaders. It fights against free radicals and aids in detoxifying the body as well. This benefit is probably rooted to the compound's ability to increase the production of interferon. These chemical substances are naturally released by leukocytes to combat pathogens. It comes as no surprise why it is very effective in fending off viruses.

New study results have also shown remarkable improvements in normalizing serum cholesterol and blood pressure levels among those who are taking the compound. This is probably because of its use in improving blood circulation and blood vessel rejuvenation. There are many other benefits of using organic germanium, which includes protection against radiation, vision improvement, relief from chronic inflammation or pain, and even improving the general condition of the skin, that is, if the compound is used as an ointment.

Before one can savor these germanium benefits, it must also be taken into consideration that a person must generally obtain sound physical and mental health. A person should take a balanced diet regularly to prevent acid-base imbalances in the system. He should also strive to be stress-free, because a sound mental state helps maintain balance in the autonomic nervous system. This miracle compound can only be effective given that the above requisites are met.

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