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Fun Finger Food Tips For Your Children

Generally, children prefer fruits more than green vegetables; they're juicier and they've got a better flavor. Additionally, aside from the taste, they also provide more versatility in terms of food design - their vibrant shapes and colours attract kids' interest.

With the variety of junk foods, a growing number of parents are trying to replace these junk food selections with fruits packed with minerals, vitamins and many other nutrients. Therefore, to those parents who are doing this change, here are a few finger food your kids will certainly love.

1. Fruit skewers - Get the fruits in season and stick them through cute, recyclable plastic skewers. Cherries, grapes, strawberries, and other berries are particularly famous to children; they're vibrant and sweet and can be dipped in cottage cheese or chocolate sauce like a fondue. If you'd like to try larger fruits, you may use fruit cutters in fun designs such as stars, hearts, Rilakkuma bear (you can get fruit cutters from the Japanese dollar store, Daiso) and others to catch the interest of the young eaters.

2. Fruit salad in a cone - The similarity to ice cream holds a fantastic appeal and if you keep the salad refrigerated prior to putting it in the wafer cone, the kids will forget about requesting for sugar-heavy frozen goodies.




3. Tiny fruit muffins - They're not only good but can be offered in different forms. When they're made very small, the kids can simply swallow them in their mouth. They'll become full instantly and you don't have to worry about the mess so much; just prepare moist towelettes to clean those sticky fingers.

4. Jell-O melon or cantaloupe - this is certainly good during the summer when sweet melons are in season. All you have to do is slice the melon right at the center, get rid of the seeds and make a deep well. Refrigerate the melon containers and then cook the flavoured gelatine like cherry that truly goes perfectly with the subtle sweetness of melon. Get the melon bowls and then pour in the liquid gelatine. Chill the gelatine until it sets. Cut the melon bowls and the children will have a Jell-O melon which is delicious, cool and nutritious.

5. Chocolate-dipped strawberries - the procedure is easy, what you need are dissolved chocolate and also big refrigerated strawberries so the dissolved chocolate will firm up immediately. Place each serving in a small cupcake liner so children will not get their hands sticky. You can also design these strawberries to make them appear like hearts dressed in a tuxedo; for this, you just add white chocolate on your ingredients and use a piping bag for decorating.

You will still find so many other finger food that you can prepare for a celebration or maybe just for your kids' afternoon snack - you're only limited by your creativity. Educating your kids to consider nature's nutritious delights in place of junk foods (high in artificial flavourings which have been determined to influence children's behaviour) will help mould their relationship with the food. Give your children a healthy advantage by serving them fun, tasty and vitamin-enriched easy to eat snacks.

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