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EBL USB Smart Battery Charger For AAA and AA Batteries

EBL USB Battery Charger For AAA and AA

I was sent this EBL battery charger with an 8 pack of AA batteries rated at 2300 mAh to review. The following are my honest impressions and field test results.

First when I opened the package I was happy to see that the charger not only has its own built in cable but it has another charging port as well. Having a built in cable means you will never forget the cable and be stuck without the ability to charge your batteries on the go.

The best feature of this device though, I think, is that it is USB powered. This means that I can keep my batteries charged almost anywhere. These days it is getting hard to find a place without a USB port somewhere.

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There have been so many occasions in the past that we traveled somewhere and we ran out of AA or AAA batteries. Then you can spend hours just trying to find new batteries at a very high price while on vacation. Or you have to take a massive stockpile of spare batteries with you to ensure that you have enough power on the go.

Just last summer I was on a trip and took a large case full of extra rechargeable batteries to be sure I had enough to make it through. This case weighed about 20 pounds and took up extra space in the vehicle.





Being powered by USB now I can recharge my batteries in the car in between campsites or on the way to our next destination. While out in the field I can use a porbable power bank or even a solar panel.

The 2300 mAh AA batteries feel heavy in the hand. Generally this means they are made of quality materials and not cheap garbage. Fake batteries feel very light weight in the hand for comparison.

Also with 2300 mAh of capacity these will last longer in your portable devices than most rechargeable batteries. In my test I ran a 75 mA load for about 30 hours before recharging them.



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I also ran an LED camping lantern on high for an entire day before I finally shut it off. Cheaper batteries will only last a few hours on high.

I got a chance to recharge these batteries with the USB charger on the go while in my truck. Sadly the cigarette lighter sockets in my truck are all dead so I always have to take a portable power bank to keep my devices charged on the go. Fortunately I also have the PowerAdd Pro 10000 mAh powerbank which I recently reviewed.

I was able to charge up my batteries in about 5 hours with the portable power bank and keep my devices running for the rest of the trip.

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Overall I am very happy with my new USB smart battery charger and powerful batteries.



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