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Spring Like Homestead Day Package Arrived And The Sawmill Lives

Springlike Homestead Day Package Arrived And The Sawmill Lives

Finally we are getting a bit of Spring like weather with temperatures around 50 degrees F. The snow is melting on our homestead and we can see the grass once more. A package arrived today with a ThruNite TT20 tactical flashlight. And I finally got my sawmill running again.

This has been a rough winter for our area with a lot of snow and very strange weather. Many people have been grumbling recently. Although I must admit that the snow we got this year is nothing compared to what we used to get when I was growing up. But people get used to things being how they are. Many people also burnt more fuel for home heating this year. Not from being too cold but from being cold much longer this year.

So, seeing the grass finally so late, in April, is a fine sight for sore eyes. Generally we should be raising chicks already at this time. But we are off to a very late start this year.





ThruNite sent me their TT20 tactical LED flashlight to review here on the homestead. ThruNite has been my favorite flashlight for about 8 years now. They manufacture quality lights that are made to last.

The TT20 is USB rechargeable, shock proof and waterproof. It even comes with spare gaskets and parts for even longer life.

This LED flashlight has a whopping 2525 Lumens and can cast a beam all the way out to 258 Meters (roughly 250 yards).

The TT20 Tactical flashlight has some unique functions though. This light comes with a locking function and even a double lock. This protects the light from turning on in your backpack, car or purse on the go. I love this feature for a tactical flashlight. This guarantees that your flashlight will be ready for you when you need it.

Another feature I love about ThruNite flashlights is the memory function. It always turns on in the last mode you used. No more fumbling around with buttons in the dark in an emergency situation trying to get the mode you need.

This light is different in that it has what they call infinity bright and infinity dim. You can adjust the brightness of the light up or down through stages by long pressing the power button. It double blinks when it reaches its max high or low setting. And, of course, you can stop at any range in between.

I will be putting this flashlight through the works in the coming days. This will be followed by a full field test and review. Meanwhile you can get a ThruNite TT20 for yourself here:

Buy the TT20 flashlight





I have finally revived my sawmill. I call it Frankenmill because it is made up of many parts and has been expanded a lot. Some of you may remember that last fall all my gas powered equipment was destroyed. Many of them had some gunk added to the oil or gas. The sawmill had some very sticky substance along with metal shavings added to it.

I had drained the fluids and left it sitting open without a drain plug all winter. We have had occasional warmer days along with freezing periods. I believe this has caused the crud to slowly slide down off the cylinder walls and out the drain plug.

I was fixing up the sawmill shelter and decided to give the sawmill a pull. Last fall I could not pull the engine over at all. The goop was very thick and sticky, even on a warmer day. To my surprise I was able to pull it a bit.

So I started working on the pull rope a few times and the engine started to turn easier. I added some clean motor oil and kept pulling the starter repeatedly until it started moving more freely.

Eventually I got it to the point that I thought it might start. So I turned on the switch and pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled. Eventually it did fire up. I kept it running for half an hour at idle, occasionally giving it some gas to speed up the engine and clean out all the gunk.

I am very pleased to have this going again because I need it badly for many projects around the homestead. I will run it a while and change the oil to be sure I get all the junk out of the engine. The engine may be compromised though and the life may be shortened. But for now it gets me going again.



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