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Make Your Own Budget DIY Survival Seed Banks

Simple DIY Budget Survival Seed Bank

A survival seed bank is a batch of various vegetable and herb seeds which are packaged in a way which prolongs their shelf life.

Most survival seed banks are over priced though and you can make your own survival seed banks at home with ease. The only things you need are seeds and a vacuum sealer. You can also use a canning jar with a new lid if you do not have access to a vacuum sealer.

I was fortunate enough to find a whole mess of seeds on clearance at a local store so I bought them all. Often you can get bulk discounts for the asking in some small town stores.

Large pile of seeds
Huge pile of seeds purchased on sale





At home I spent considerable time sorting all the seeds out. I have vegetables and flowers. I took them all because I can use or sell what I do not need later. I put all the flowers aside into piles for later processing. The vegetables I sorted on the table into piles. I tried to put related vegetables together as I worked.

Once I had all my vegetable seeds sorted out I then took one of each of the main vegetable types and made survival seed banks. I ended up with four complete seed banks when I was done sorting. The rest of the seeds I will later package into groups based on related vegetable types.

In the kitchen I prepared some vacuum sealer bags and cut them to the right size. Then I placed one of my survival seed banks into a vacuum sealer bag. I used the vacuum function on the sealer to suck out all the air. This preserves the seeds even longer by preventing moisture loss or gain over time in storage.

DIY Survival Seed Bank
Finished DIY Survival Seed Bank





Storage Of Your Survival Seed Bank

You can store your survival seed bank for next year by simply placing them on a shelf in a cool, dark area for the winter. In the spring you can slice open the vacuum sealer bag and use them as usual.

You can keep your seeds in a cool, dark place for a couple years with good germination rates with no problem. As long as the bag is not torn or damaged the seeds should do just fine for at least a couple years.

To further protect your survival seed bank you can put the entire thing into a jar. This will protect the vacuum sealer bag from punctures and ensure no moisture gets in.

For very long term storage of your survival seed bank you can put the package into the freezer. If kept frozen they can last for many years.



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