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Experts Say A Collapse Is Coming Soon - Are You Prepared

The Experts Say A Collapse Is Coming

Are You Prepared?



Economic and financial advisors are saying that a collapse is coming soon. Some say it is coming already this October while others are saying November or later. But one thing that they all agree on: A collapse is coming. Some even say it will be the worst collapse the World has ever seen!


For the past two years we have seen some very rough times. Supply chain issues are causing products to become scarce. Lack of workers makes this even worse. The troubles in China are causing havoc with our own stock market. There is more and more talk of solar flares taking out the power grid. And natural disasters are everywhere.


Grocery Store Shelve Going Bare
Grocery Stores Are Running Low On Products


I have lived through many natural disasters and supply chain collapses. In New York I experienced three hurricanes which took out the entire infrastructure for weeks at a time. I have seen blizzards shut things down for many days. Yet I lived in relative comfort compared to others - because I was prepared.




Due to the recent pandemic the governments have been printing money like there is no tomorrow. This is causing inflation. Prices are rising while the spending power of the dollar is declining. Many people quit or lost their jobs due to the pandemic and many are not yet returning to work.


Ammunition Sold Out Entirely
Stores Are Out Of Ammunition


Gas prices are on the rise. Grocery prices are doubled already in some places. Lower income families cannot afford to buy meat let alone pay for gas to get to the store. A 10 lb package of ground beef that was just $20 months ago is not literally double at $40.


This is affecting animal feed as well as hardware, lumber and just about anything else you can think of. We have seen chicken feed double in recent months. And almost everyone knows about the lumber crisis.


The lack of workers is further causing problems with the supply chain. Grocery stores have a growing number of empty spaces where there used to be a huge variety of products. Instead of stocking multiple options, they choose only the best sellers and leave the rest of the shelves bare. Most retail businesses today are only stocking what they can sell in a day. If there is a break in the supply chain we will not be able to buy groceries within a single day!


Store Shelves Are Often Bare
Stores Are Low On Products



Due to a shortage of workers there is now a shortage of raw materials. The raw materials needed to manufacture products are not getting to facilities where they are needed. Therefore products are not getting to the stores for consumers. There is a lack of truck drivers and ship workers which further worsens the issue.


There is a surplus of products in China waiting to be sent overseas but there is a shortage of containers there. In other countries the lack of workers is causing ships to be waiting in port to be unloaded. Empty containers are sitting in port waiting to be filled and sent back to China. This is causing a serious imbalance in the system, further reducing the availability of products in stores.


There is now more and more talk of a coming solar flare which can take out the power grid. The power grid is already unstable and weak. A solar flare could take out power, communications and the internet. This would, of course, further cause supply chain issues overnight.


We are seeing an increasing occurrence of natural disasters every year. The natural disasters are causing localized power grid and supply chain issues as well.


Combine this with the current pandemic and we could easily and quickly see medical facilities and clinics overwhealmed in the case of a large scale collapse.

Now - More than ever before - it is time to be prepared!!!



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