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A Spring Like Day At The Off Grid Homestead And Solar Power To Burn

It was a beautiful, sunny spring like day on the off grid homestead and the solar panels were pumping power. We literally had power to burn.


When the sun is shining bright we have excess power in our off grid tiny house. With 1,600 watts of solar panels our battery bank charges up quite rapidly in the morning hours. At mid morning we generally have excess power to burn off. If we do not use the power then it is lost anyway.


So on sunny days like this we can run all kinds of things on solar power. We generally wash our laundry on sunny days using our small and efficient portable washing machine. We charge up all our portable battery powered devices using the solar output as well. And we can run our laptops fully on solar power.



I also had my Bedini Motor running all day restoring old lead acid batteries. The Bedini Motor is fully solar powered as well. You can learn more about the Bedini Motor on my electronics channel here: Do It Yourself Electronics Videos




Outside at the off grid homestead I was doing some spring cleaning. The snow is slowly melting away and exposing the land once more. This allows me to get some cleaning done around the property. It also exposed my little mint plants which are surprisingly starting to grow already. The winter snow must have nicely insulated them and protected them from the bitter cold.


Inside our off grid tiny house I cleaned up my office/storage room. During the winter months it became a catch all for just about everything. Now it is looking good again and I can work in here. This is where I do my projects and experiments and office work. It is also our food storage and holds our camping and survival gear.



My off grid electronics lab was looking good as well with the sun shining fully on the solar panels. The batteries were in absorption mode and looking good. On sunny days here I can also run quite a bit of stuff. I had my Bedini Motor running all winter to keep my dying batteries from the old motor home from freezing and being damaged. I hope to one day restore them fully back into service with the Bedini Motor.


Overall it was a great day on the homestead.


You can watch today's video here: A Spring Like Day On The Off Grid Homestead


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