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How To Get Off The Grid For $5000 - Off The Grid Defined

How To Get Off The Grid For $5,000 (or less) video series part one - Off The Grid defined. Every week we are going to cover a new topic in how to get your home off the grid for $5,000 or less. Last week we introduced the video series.


Now today we have to first define with "off the grid" means before we can get started into the meat of the topic of going off the grid. There is a lot of cofusion out there when you ask someone what "off the grid" means. Hollywood has caused some people to think that going off the grid means hiding out from society and the authorities while running for your life. Other people think that off grid living means some sort of primitive living with no modern comforts. Yet others seem to think it may be a combination of the two.


But, very simply put, the term "off the grid" means to disconnected from the electrical power grid - nothing more. The electrical power grid is the commercial power generated by either coal, wind or nuclear energy and delivered to your home by power lines. Being off the grid simply means not using this commercial form of power. You can be using solar panels and have no electrical lines coming to your home. Or you may have lines but choose not to use them and use your own self generated power instead.


Either way, if you are not using the commercial power grid then you are off the grid. Period.




Many off grid homesteads go even farther in reducing their monthly bills by using wood stoves, solar hot water and other cost reducing means. This is just a step on the path to self sufficiency but it is not a necessity to be living off the grid. Many off grid homes use cars to go to a normal job during the day and shop at the grocery store. Many use internet at home and often propane or natural gas.


I have so often been told that I am not off the grid because I buy groceries at the store. Or that I am not off the grid because I drive a car or use propane. But it does not change the fact that my home was not connected to the power grid in any way, shape or form. I must say was because my previous off grid tiny house was 1/4 mile away from the nearest power line. Our current home has the power grid tied to it but we choose not to use it when possible.



I have often heard the argument that since I use propane for cooking I am not off the grid. If you came across a person hiking through the woods and they were cooking a meal on a little gas camp stove would you tell them they are not "off the grid". Ridiculous yet I hear it all the time when using propane to cook my meals at home.


During the following weeks I will guide you on the path to getting your own home off the grid. During this time I will show you many methods to cut costs and reduce your bills so even those who have no interest in getting off the grid can learn a lot from this video series.


Next week we will start with methods to reduce your home power needs and cut your energy bill. This should be of interest to everyone. Who does not want to reduce their bills?


Later we will get into deeper subjects such as choosing the right solar panels, battery banks, charge controllers and much more. Each week we will cover a new topic so check back for updates.


You can watch today's video here: How To Get Off The Grid Series Off The Grid Defined


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