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How To Get Off The Grid For $5000 or less Video Series

I will show you how to take your home off the grid for $5,000 or less. This is the beginning of a series of videos which will walk you through the process of taking your home off the grid.


This means that no matter where you live, either a cabin, tent, RV, camper or full homestead, you will learn how to take your existing dwelling off the grid on a budget. I must be clear on this due to questions I have received in the past by people who thought I was going to teach them how to buy a home for $5,000. This is not the case.


We are going to go through everything from solar panels, to electronics and batteries, to the lifestyle change needed in order to live off the grid on a budget. Every week from now on we will cover a new topic about how to take your home off the grid. By the time the series is finished, you will be confident and comfortable with taking that first plunge into off grid living.


The Off Grid Project started about 7 or 8 years ago when I got a free camper and planned to take it off the grid on a budget. I was going to start writing a book titled "How To Get Off The Grid For $5,000" and planned to use the camper for those experiments. But life threw me a curve ball and I ended up living in that camper full time when I lost my job and home. This put me into a very tight budget which reduced my ability to finish these projects properly.



At that time I was literally off the grid but I suffered a lot back then. I had 65 watts of homemade solar panels and was hand cutting fire wood with a saw for my tiny pot bellied wood stove. The camper was not insulated and my cat and I froze all winter. But we made it. Through the years my hands on experience grew and so did my skills.


Now I feel confident in finishing the book about "How To Get Off The Grid For $5,000".


Each week I will upload another video in the series on DIY Tube Video Community and share it on my Patreon site. The reason for this is to avoid the attacks and harassment that are sure to follow. Some people dont like this lifestyle and some are just common trolls with nothing else to do but harass people. That is part of the reason I let the project slip all these years.




But DIY Tube Video Community is a troll free zone and safe from harassment and attacks. For those of you who prefer to stay on YouTube instead I will share the video series on my Patreon site here: The Do It Yourself World Patreon


For just $1 dollar a month you can follow along with the video series on YouTube. You can also follow for free on DIY Tube if you like. This is not about the money, rather freedom from trolls. It is your choice where you want to follow along.


You can follow the videos on DIY Tube here: The Off Grid Project


I will also be updating The Off Grid Project website as we go through the video series. The Off Grid Project webiste has also fallen by the wayside through the years but I will start updating it now as I cover each new topic in off grid living. You can read along here: The Off Grid Project


Those who follow along will gain the knowledge and skills needed for off grid living from the website and video series. But some people may choose to buy the book as well, which I will continue to write as I make the video series. When the series is finished, the book will be as well and will be released for sale.


So follow along and lets get off the grid together!!!


Feel free to ask any questions or get help with your project on our Discussion and support forum

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