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Getting started again with the H2O booster in my car

Article from: March 10th, 2011


Well, its been a long, cold winter and my Hydrogen Booster project had to be put on the side. I had a bad fuel pump just before the onset of winter, which caused the poor old car to sit for a while until I could get to it. By then, winter had set on and the H2O Booster was frozen.

The bad thing about natural fuels is their poor performance in winter. Unless you have other devices in place to help, winter slows things down. The water in the hydroxy booster freezes. The bio diesel my friend uses gels up and can’t be used easily.

It is tough to use water for gas in winter because putting any additives into the mix messes things up. You do not want any corrosive gases entering your engine. And certain additives will change the chemistry of things and mess up the performance and efficiency of the booster.

Anyway, if anyone out there has any ideas or experience with using hydrogen boosters in the winter, please do share them here.

Now, due to the war overseas and rising gas prices, it is even more important than ever to save at the pumps and extend our gas mileage. We are working on newer and better ideas for hydrogen gas systems for our vehicles. As things develop, we will share the results here.


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