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Normal daily use of my solar panel setup

Article from: August 29th, 2010



Well, my solar panels and battery bank are really proving their worth in my place. We loose power here about once a month, at least. It gets really frustrating to wake up in the dark with no way to shower or shave for work.

But, my place always has light and energy. It just takes a minute to stagger over in the dark to turn on the solar power and I can continue on with the morning as usual. Even shaving is no problem. I cant use a blade, so electric shavers are a necessity.

I also use the solar lighting in the evenings. It is a nice, subdued light for watching tv or working on the computer. For a reading lamp, you need to be closer to the LED light, but it works very well.

All in all, I am quite happy with the backup power this provides. Especially in a power outage.


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