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Hydrogen Booster is working well in my old Honda

Article from: July 23rd, 2010


I have driven a few tanks of gas through my old Honda while using my new homemade hydrogen booster and here are the results:

No savings on gas. Huge performance boost. The car has a lot more power and the motor runs much smoother than ever before with the DIY H2O booster turned on. Now, please note, I have done nothing at all to the motor or computer previously.

So, next I adjusted the timing a bit. Since hydrogen ignites extremely fast, you should advance the timing to see a gain. They hydrogen will ignite before the fuel-air mixture. The exploding hydrogen will blast the fuel into tiny little molecules and ignite the fuel. This gives a better, more complete burn of your fuel. The results should be an increase in engine power and better fuel economy.




I advanced the timing a few degrees by loosening the three screws that hold the distributor in place. Some cars have one or two screws. Anyway, I loosened the screws and advanced the timing just a little bit. Do not do this with the car running or you may get a pretty nasty shock.

Immediately, the car sounded like a race car. The exhaust was louder and stronger. The car runs very strong now. Running up steep mountain inclines are no problem at all. I can even accelerate up steep hills.

Again, no gain in gas efficiency. The computer adjusts for everything you do to save fuel. They are designed to keep the perfect balance that they were programmed for. And they do a very good job of it. No matter what you change, in most cases, the computer will compensate for it.

I will continue using the hydrogen booster during the coming weeks and see what happens.

Next, I will try to extend the O2 sensor. I have read many experiments and claims about a performance and fuel economy gain through this.

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