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Set up solar lighting and started testing capacity of solar system

Article from: July 14th, 2010


I have installed LED lamps in my apartment to start testing capabilities of my new solar power system.


Even during rainy days, the solar panels are putting out power. We just had a few days of constant rain and very cloudy, dark days and the panels are producing power. Good to know.


I am trying to get away from incandescent lights to save on energy and also to reduce the heat produced in my home. It is just too hot this summer to run normal lights. They are like running little ovens in an already hot room. The LEDs produce very little heat. Most of their energy is converted directly into light. And by making my own LED lamps, I am saving even more on cost and energy. Most LED lamps have some sort of resistors or other controls to limit voltage or current  going to them. I cut out the resistors and added more LEDs in series to get the same effect with no loss of energy.





My neighbors said that my lighting looks "cool". It is a bluish - white light that is given off by my new homemade lamps. I like it anyway.


Later I will hook up my inverter and try using my computer on solar power. I also have a battery operated fan I want to hook up.

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