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Top 10 Benefits Clean Gutters Bring

There they sit on the edge of your roof day after day, providing an efficient, direct passage for rainwater to flow away from your home. Gutters are the single most important accessory your roof can have to help it stay healthy.


Here are all the benefits you can expect to enjoy by maintaining the cleanliness of your gutters.


1. Prevents Leaks and Other Roof Damage


Enemy number one to any roof is water. If rainwater isn’t allowed to drain properly due to clogged gutters, build up can occur. Water collecting on your roof will find any opportunity it can to penetrate small pin size holes in your roof and make them bigger.




2. Prevents Ice Dams


During winter months when snowstorms are common, ice can build up quickly. This is especially true if your gutters are clogged. Water that would normally drain from melting snow has nowhere to go, and thus runs the risk of refreezing.





3. Keeps Landscaping Intact


Landscaping can be exposed to undue damage by clogged gutters. Water that isn’t able to drain properly may dump down on landscaping, essentially drowning otherwise healthy plants and shrubs in water.


4. Keeps Fascia Dry


Fascia is boarding that runs along the roof behind the gutters. Water damage can lead to cracking and instability of the fascia, which can compromise the integrity of the gutters themselves. Keep your gutters clean so that water damage to the fascia doesn’t have the chance to occur.


5. Keeps The Paint Looking Good


Last thing you need is to have the paint on your home degrade because it’s constantly being inundated by improperly directed water. Water erodes quickly and without much effort.


6. Deters Pests


Birds and other critters of all sorts are more than happy to take advantage of clogged gutters as a place to build a nest, or use as a walkway to get wherever they need to go. Pests access to gutters means they may have access to the interior of your home eventually too.





7. Keeps Basements Dry


Water finds its way into the basement of a home when it isn’t properly drained through a clean gutter system. Water that flows down the side of the home comes to rest right along the foundation walls of the basement. Let this happen enough and water will begin to find its way into the basement leading to water damage or even flooding.


8. Protects The Foundation


A nice clean gutter system will keep water far away from the foundation of the home, preventing any water from building up close to the house and causing cracks or other damage in the foundation.


9. Prevents Algae & Moss Growth


A clear roof is a dry roof. Algae and moss need moisture to grow. By keeping your gutters clean, water drains off quickly and efficiently allowing the warmth of the sun to dry the roof an prevent growth of algae or moss.


10. Maintains Gutter Efficiency


If you don’t clean your gutter, you may not notice that over time the ability of water to efficiently drain from your home is slowly diminished opening up an invitation for future damages. Keeping gutters clean will ensure they remain efficient.

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