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The Off Grid Project Explained

The Off Grid Project is a series of projects and experiments in alternate energy, off grid living and self sufficiency. This is the simple explanation and the line I have been using for years.


But many of my viewers on YT and DIY Tube have asked me what really is The Off Grid Project so I decided to make this article and video to explain in more detail.


I started The Off Grid Project many years ago when I decided to take an old camper fully off the grid and heat it with solar and wood. I started out with a wood stove, passive solar heater and a couple homemade solar panels in that old camper. I made a few videos back then in my camper. I started a website to record my experiences in writing as well.



But then one day I lost my job and my apartment and was thrust into living in the camper. I moved out in the middle of a blizzard and recorded my move. I suffered and froze back in those days with very little power and a leaky camper. But that is what put me on the map. People loved the videos and my channel grew. Eventually I got married and then a baby came along.



Since then The Off Grid Project has become more about our daily lives on the homestead. We still have a long and growing list of projects lined up which will take us years to complete. I have a spiral bound notebook full of ideas and projects.


We are trying to become fully self sufficient and off the grid on a budget. This means that we grow our own food, hunt, fish and forage for food as much as possible. We try to preserve our own foods by drying, freezing and canning. We have to learn what grows best in this harsh environment so it takes time. We hope to eventually be able to grow enough food for our own chickens as well in order to reduce costs and dependency on the outside world.




We have solar panels and soon wind turbines to provide our electrical power needs. We are expanding our solar power system more and more as time goes by to make our lives comfortable.


We have plans to put in a rain water collection system as a backup to our well and to provide us with free water for gardening during the hot, scorching summer days.


I have plans to build alternate energy devices to provide even more power for our homestead. I hope to one day make a wood gas generator to keep the batteries charged up during long cloudy or rainy periods.


So The Off Grid Project is here to stay for many years to come. There is a growing list of projects ahead.


So stay tuned, subscribe to my channel and follow our daily videos.

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