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Getting Started In Cryptocurrency Trading And Mining

This article will show you the basics in getting started in cryptocurrency (altcoins) trading, buying, selling and storage. These are the first steps needed in order to get started in cryptocurrency.


This is a very simple article and will be straight and to the point.


You are going to need to set up accounts with a few websites in order to buy, sell and trade altcoins.



The first one is the most important one. This is where you can buy and sell with a credit card or your bank account. Here you can also deposit the coins into the Fiat currency of your own country. If this site does not accept exchange in your home country, please do a search online for a trading site which accepts your local Fiat currency.


The first site is called coinbase. The site is


Now there are some currency exchanges online as well. These exchanges are like the money exchange you find at an airport. Here you can trade coins from one form to another just like trading money from different countries when on vacation.


These exchanges allow you to trade different coins from one to another or even buy and sell coins in the market but they do not accept Fiat currency or credit cards at the time of this writing.


Here is a list of the exchanges you will often use. These are listed in order of the easiest to use down to the hardest. It is better to have more than one exchange in case a coin you want to deal in is not offered on one exchange.




There are many others out there. Do a search for cryptocurrency exchange to find one that you can use in your own country.


If you are interested in getting into mining altcoins but have no knowledge or space to start out, please read this article:


Shared Altcoin Mining


Here you can get started in mining altcoins with no skills or space. All you have to do is join up, buy a graphics card and we will run it for you. Each week you receive 50% of the coins mined using your graphics card.


There is a free private video series for those who join up for the shared mining program on DIY TUBE Videos website. Here you will be trained how to buy, sell, trade and save your cryptocurrency. The video series is by invitation only so if you are interested, plesae email

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