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The Do It Yourself World LLC is now offering you a way to get into cryptocurrency (altcoin) mining without any knowledge or skills necessary.


With this program you will get to keep 50% of the cryptocurrency (altcoins) mined after costs. You do not need to have any knowledge of mining or how it works. No computer skills are needed at all. The Do It Yourself World LLC will set up, operate and maintain the mining rigs for you.



And here is the deal.


You buy a graphics card. We will walk you through the process so dont worry. All you have to do is pick your investment amount We do the rest. You own the graphics card and you remain the owner for the life of the card. There are two ways to do this. One, you buy a card and mail it to us. Or two, you transfer the money and we buy it for you. Either way, the card remains yours forever. (More later on about this).


The DIY World will install your card into an altcoin mining rig for you. We will maintain the rig and share with you 50% of the coins mined each day after the cost of electricity.


You will be taught everything you need to know about what to do with your newly mined coins. You will learn about wallets and how to transfer cryptocurrency from one form to another. And you will learn how to sell cryptocurrency for US Dollars and get it into your bank account.


The DIY World will send you the coins mined with your graphics card on each payout from the mining pool. A mining pool is a website where larger groups of miners work together. This increases the ability to earn altcoins. You will learn about this too later on.


Graphics cards start at about $140 for entry level cards and go up to $1,200 for high end cards. The more powerful the card, the more your earnings each month. An entry level card will mine about $30 to $80 worth of coins per month. The value varies from day to day based on the current market price and the coins being mined.


A larger card can mine upwards of $80 a month.


Your card will continue to mine coins for the duration of its life or until it becomes obsolete. This can be potentially mean years. More powerful cards will of course be valid for much longer than cheaper cards.


A graphics card can see a return on investment between 2.5 to 6 months. This is an estimation and can vary based on market price of the coin being mined and the original price and power of the graphics card. Your card will continue to mine long after that time. At this point its all profit for you.


It is a good idea to mine penny coins, which are worth a penny or less and are easy to mine. In this way you can get thousands of these coins which you hold on to until they gain in value. The potential here is huge while the risk is very low. With mining coins there is really no risk since you are not purchasing anything after the initial purchase of the graphics card.


Mining popular and more common altcoins will help you pay the bills each month. The more graphics cards you have going, the more you get each month. These coins can either be saved in hopes that they gain in value or sold for USD. It is your decision.


The DIY World will not hold your coins. You get 50% of the coins mined (after cost) with your graphics card every time there is a payout. The coins go into a wallet that you hold. A wallet is like a savings account only you can actually download it onto your computer, put it onto a USB stick or even print it out on paper and put it into a safe deposit box. (You will be taught all about this later).


The graphics card will remain your property at all times. If at any time you want your card back, just send us the request in writing, pay the shipping and the card will be sent to you. It is your property. Each card will be labeled with a number to identify it as your own card.


There can be up to 6 or 8 graphics cards on a mining rig (computer). Some of these may be your own cards and some may belong to other people. If you have multiple cards of the same type, they will be working side by side on the same mining rig. By sharing a computer, you are also reducing your share of the cost of electricity used in mining. A computer can use up to 150 watts of electricity alone and by sharing this cost everyone saves a bit in the end.


If a computer (note) dies for any reason, the cost of repairs will be by The Do It Yourself World LLC. There will never be any direct cost to you after the initial purchase of your own graphics cards. Please understand that, although breakdowns are rare, there may be down time. The DIY World will do our best to have every single graphics card mining to its fullest potential at all times. (note) A computer means the supporting hardware and not the graphics card. This includes the mother board, CPU, RAM, hard drive, power supply, cables, etc.


If a graphics card dies and is under warranty it will be replaced as fast as possible and put back into service. If a graphics card dies and is no longer under warranty this is considered end of life of this card. The card will be removed from service. At this time you may send us another card or leave it. It is up to you. You may request the return of a dead graphics card and pay the shipping for it if you choose. It is your card.


When a payout is made by a mining pool, your half of the coins will be sent to your wallet. All transactions will be kept in a spreadsheet with time and date stamps. This spreadsheet will be sent to you at regular intervals so you can keep track of your mining progress and coins mined.


All transactions on the blockchain are transparent. If you like, you can ask for the link to your graphics card working on the internet and mining coins. There may be more than one graphics card mining along with your computer if you own less than 6 of the same cards. Everything is transparent and you can monitor your success each day, minute by minute. This is fun and exciting to watch.


We will try our best to mine the coin you prefer but please understand that, unless you have multiple cards running, your card may be sharing a computer with other people. And The DIY Wold reserves the right to switch coins without notice if a mining pool goes down or the value of a coin drops suddenly. We will always look for the most valuable coin to mine with your particular card. This can vary from card to card.


If you prefer to mine a coin that is not currently being mined by the computer your graphcs card is on, you may always sell those coins and purchase the coin of your choice with your earnings. We will teach you all about this later though a free video training series.


If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact Troy Reid of The Do It Yourself World LLC


When you decide to jump in and buy a card, please email Troy at the above email address with your full name and address plus the amount that you want to spend. An agreement will be sent to you to sign. Everything will be transparent and open, and in writing.


Happy mining.


Troy Reid

The Do It Yourself World LLC

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