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How To Build A Bedini Motor Series - The Coil Core

This is the next step in the How To Build A Bedini Motor Series - preparing the coil core. I am taking you step by step through building your own Bedini motor.


If you missed the parts list or the first video in the series, please see them below:


How To Build A Bedini Motor Series ~ Parts List


For this step you either need some baling wire or Lincoln R60 welding rod. Any soft iron wire will work for this project but it must be soft iron and nothing else. The wire must also be coated with some sort of non electrically conductive material such as paint, varnish or primer. A heavy coating of rust will also work if you have rusty old baling wire laying around.


For this step in making a Bedini Simplified School Girl radiant energy device I made a jig using a table vise, wire cutter and a piece of wood.


Cutting wire for the Bedini motor coil


Cutting wire for the Bedini motor coil




The vise fits perfectly next to my cabinet along with a piece of scrap wood. Ths size is exactly the same size as my coil width. This makes a great wire cutting jig.


I put the wire cutters in the vise and clamped it down tightly. I slid the vise up tight against the cabinet and then put the piece of wood on the handle of the vise. Everything sits in place nicely.


You could also use some clamps to hold things in place better. A piece of angle iron or two pieces of wood screwed together to form an angle would also work as a back stop when clamped to the table.


Now all I have to do is unroll the wire and straighten it out. You have to remove any bends or kinks in the wire so it will fit neatly into the coil core. This will allow you to fit as much as possible into the core.



Keep cutting wire until the core is full. Then gently hammer some more in until no more will fit. Work carefully and do not over stuff the core so you do not break the plastic spool. Also be sure you do not accidentally hammer the spool and break it.


Stuffing wire into the Bedini motor coil core


Stuffing wire into the Bedini motor coil core


The idea is to get the core full and as tight as possible so that no wires can ever work loose and hit a passing magnet later on.


When your core is filled tightly use some super glue to glue the wire permanently in place. You do not want them to ever come out.


Gluing the coil core wires together


Gluing the coil core wires together


That is all. Your Bedini SSG coil is now ready to use.


Stay tuned for the next step in the series - the electronics.


You can watch today's video here: Watch the video now  How To Make Bedini SSG Radiant Energy Device ~ The Coil Core


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