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A Working Fridge And New Batteries At The Off Grid Camper

Article from: May 2nd, 2013


I was gone most of the day today, only stopping in on a rare occasion to drop things and run back out again. It was a scorcher out today and the sun was shining down brightly. That is good for solar. I also started to use my new 3 way RV refrigerator.

Today I started my new job. I work 5 hours a week on an ecommerce store. It will help some. When I got home in the afternoon it was almost 80 outside and 85 in the camper. This is sort of a system shock when the nights are in the 30s and 40s. Two nights ago we had a frost warning. But today the farmers are plowing the fields, finally.

I went to get some groceries and filled my new(old) fridge with some food. It is nice to have fresh food again. The freezer works and I tossed in some frozen vegetables. I love my stir fry and have not had the ability to cook in a very long time. It sure will be nice to cook meals again.




After I unpacked and put away all my grocers I left again. I got a message from a fellow youtuber (bret c) telling me that there were some new golf cart batteries waiting for me in town.

I got home after dark and installed the batteries while it was dark. I had to use a flash light, but i wanted to install the batteries right away. For one thing then I am not loosing any solar power. For another I did not have to disconnect the solar panels in order to work on the system. And the last reason is that this will allow the new batteries to start charging right away when the sun rises.

Thank you bret c from youtube for such as awesome gift.

This will make a huge difference in my off grid camper. Now I do not have to worry anymore about the power level for my normal average, low power usage. The batteries should be able to soak up more of the available solar energy.


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