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Are You Prepared For Disaster?

Article from: February 14th, 2013



Recently there have been more and more natural disasters and super storms around the country. This includes tornado, hurricane, earth quake, blizzard or fire. With the coming of each big storm, comes a wave of panic shopping just ahead of the storm. Many people are not prepared for any sort of emergency. Are you prepared?

The East Coast of the US has recently been severely hit in the past year and a half with repeated hurricanes, flooding, winds and blizzards. Just days before the coming storm, you will find waves of people at the gas pumps filling up cars and gas cans. The grocery stores and malls will be stripped bare of flashlights, batteries, heat and eat foods and water. This is called Panic Shopping.


Flashlight section empty a week after Hurricane Sandy

Flashlight section empty a week after Hurricane Sandy





But this is not necessary. If every single household had some sort of disaster plan and some supplies put aside at all times, there would be no panic shopping and no families would be left without supplies after the shelves get stripped bare.


Camp supplies and camp fuel sold out

Camp supplies and camp fuel sold out


Hurricane Irene sort of took me by surprise. It was worse than I had ever expected and I lost my business and most of my personal furniture in the flooding. The house I was living in was molding and became unlivable. People started to get sick from the mold which crept up the walls, so I left.


Cars under water at train station

Cars under water at train station


But I did have enough emergency food supplies and camp supplies on hand to tough out the 7 days we were stuck on our property and could not get out due to downed trees, severe flooding and boulders all over the roads. I made it through just fine, physically. Many others did not fare so well.

Soon after, we had a blizzard dump an early October snow on us, which left many homes without power. This time I was more prepared and stayed out in the survival camper in relative comfort.

During the summer we had some heavy damaging winds which knocked out power a few times.

Recently the East Coast was again hit with Hurricane Sandy, from which many families have not yet recovered even months later. Sandy left the East Coast in a panic shopping frenzy for two weeks. A week before the storm hit, store shelves were bare of all camping supplies, water, flashlights and batteries. Empty. Even a week after the storm, Walmart was being emptied as fast as the stock workers could open boxes. Gas was all but impossible to get, and that only if you waited for up to 12 hours in line to get it.

Just a few days ago the East Coast was once again blasted with super storm Nemo. This storm dumped as much as 30 – 40 inches of snow on some areas. Panic shopping was seen in the days before the storm and gas stations had lines 6 deep.

What did I do to prepare for this storm?



Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Actually, that is not true. I got my snowboard out.

With all the storms, power outages and other problems one can experience, I have enough supplies on hand to weather out any storm. When I heard that the storm was coming, I relaxed and went home to wait it out.

Are you prepared for any sort of natural disaster? Do you head out panic shopping when a storm is coming? If yes, then you need to stock up on a few basic essentials. If you do this, the next time a super storm or other disaster is predicted, you can simply go home, get out a book and relax.


Disaster readiness kit

Disaster readiness kit for home


Here is a List Of Essentials You Should Have On Hand For Any Type Of Disaster. This is roughly based on a FEMA list that you can also find on that page.

Always keep your vehicle gas tank at a quarter tank or more. A half tank is even better. Many people run their gas tank down to empty before filling up each time. Many more keep their gas down near empty at all times, just adding a little bit of gas every couple days as needed. You should keep your gas tank near full at all times in case of emergency. A full tank of gas will also protect your vehicle from getting water in the gas and rusting the gas tank. With a full tank of gas at all times, when there is the warning of approaching disaster, you can skip the lines and go home in peace.

If you have a disaster plan and some basic items put away for emergency, then you will have no worries when a storm or disaster is predicted. You can relax and wait it out in safety.



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