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Using BCP Portable Washing Machine On Solar Power

We have the Best Choice Products portable washing machine and we can wash clothes using solar power. This washing machine only uses 120 watts to wash clothes and 240 watts for the spin cycle.


This is a very light and convenient washing machine. It weighs just over 23 pounds which makes it very eay to move around. I took this out to my off grid powered electronics lab and plugged it into the solar power there.



Best choice products portable washing machine


I set it up on a pallet to keep it off the ground. Then I ran an extension cord from the solar powered inverter to the washing machine. My batteries were sitting at 13.5 volts and were in float mode before I began to wash the laundry. This means that the batteries were fully topped off at the time.


This washing machine comes with some cheap, thin hoses which do not fit anything. I use a bucket to fill the washing chamber with water.




I put in a full load of clothes and topped the machine off with water. Added some of our homemade laundry detergent. They say with this small machine you dont need much detergent so I just put in a little bit.


In my experience with this machine I like to set the wash cycle on 6 minutes and then let the clothes soak for about 20 minutes. Then I set the dial for another 6 minutes wash cycle and another 20 minutes soak if the clothes are really dirty. Then another final 6 minutes wash time.


If your clothes are not as filthy as mine get, you can get by with a 6 minute wash, a soak period and another 6 minutes wash cycle.


Next you set the dial on drain and the water drains out. Make sure the drain hose rests below the level of the washing machine. I also prefer to keep the machine off the ground and out of the dirt and water. This also helps the machine drain better.



Now the instructions tell you to put the clothes in a spin cycle and then do a rinse. But I skip this spin cycle. Set the dial onto the normal wash setting. Then fill the wash basin with water again. It takes 5 to 6 gallons of water to wash a full load of clothes. You will see if the clothes are not being agitated well enough, then add water.


I run the rinse cycle for 6 minutes and then drain out the water again.


I only put half a load of clothes in the spinner at a time. Then put on the plastic retainer and press it down gently. Close the two lids on the spin side and set the spin cycle timer for 2 minutes. This is all you need to get your clothes wrung out very well.


I cannot believe how dry the clothes come out of this machine. They are merely damp. It is an amazing machine.


The power of the washing agitator is quite amazing as well. This thing really chuns the clothes with some power. For only 120 watts, this thing is powerful.


It really feels good to be washing our clothes with the power of the sun.


This washing machine from Best Choice Products is being raved about in the RV and camping circle. It is portable, small enough to store, but yet big enough to wash an 8 pound load of clothes. You see how large a load I washed in the video linked below.


You can get the Best Choice Products portable washing machine for under $100 here: Best Choice Products portable washing machine

You can watch today's video here: Watch the video now  Off Grid Laundry ~ Solar Powered Washing Machine


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