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Make An Emergency Solar Earth Water Distiller

Emergency Water Distiller

Make a survival solar water distiller

Make a survival solar water purifier

Emergency Survival Water Distiller


In a disaster or survival situation fresh water is one of the first things you will need to provide. Often fresh potable water is hard to find in a survival situation. If water is not treated properly, you can die from sickness. This is a simple emergency survival water distiller that can be used almost anwhere in the world.

The best location though would be near a water source. Find a river, creek or lake and dig right next to the water to get the most water out of your distiller. But you can get water out of the earth almost anywhere in varying degrees and volume. If you have dirty water available you can pour it into the water purifier. This will even work with salty ocean water.

All you need to make this emergency water distiller is a piece of clear plastic and some sort of container to collect the purified drinking water. You will also need a digging utensil which can be a shovel, rock or a stick.

Dig a hole that is about twice as deep as your water container and just a little bit smaller than your plastic sheet. You can use a clear plastic bag, plastic wrap, a painters drop cloth or some scrap plastic material. Use whatever is available.

Free solar water purifier for disaster or emergency

How to make a simple survival water distiller


The image above shows you an idea how to make the solar water distiller. You can click on the image for a larger size view. A new window will pop up with the image.

When the hole is finished, place your water container in the middle of the hole. Then lay the plastic sheet over the top of the hole. It should cover the hole completely on all sides with enough overlap to place rocks around the edge. The rocks will keep the plastic in place.

Now take a small stone and place it in the middle of the plastic sheet, directly over the top of the water container. This will cause the plastic to dip a bit over the top of the water container.




When the sun shines it heats up the earth inside your hole. Water is evaporated out of the earth. The water condenses on the plastic sheet and falls into the water container underneath.

The amount of water you get will depend on where you live and what time of year it is. Even in colder climates this will work as long as the sun is shining. On cloudy summer days you will still get some water, but not much.

Use the biggest sheet of clear plastic that you can find. If possible make more than one of these in order to get more water in a shorter time.

The water that comes out of this solar distiller is pure distilled water that is safe for drinking. As long as the plastic sheet and the water container you use are safe and relatively clean, you will have safe drinking water.

You can see a video of the emergency survival solar water distiller here:

Watch the video now  Free Emergency Solar Water Purifier - makes potable water from the earth


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You can also use this solar water purifier to clean water that you already have on hand. You can pour dirty water or even urine into the hole and let the sun do the work of purifying the water for you. The water that collects in the cup will be clean distilled water which is safe for drinking. Just be sure to keep the inside of the water container clean especially if you are using very filthy water in the hole.

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