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Free Online MCD Millicandela To Lumens Converter

LED MCD to Lumens Calculator

LED viewing angle diagram

Free Lumens to MCD Calculator

When working with LEDs, it is often good to know the light intensity of the LED you will be working with. This is especially true if you are going to be making an LED lamp or light bulb.

We have this free Millicandela (mcd) to Lumens calculator to take the guesswork out of your project. You can convert MCD to Lumens or Lumens to MCD.

Simply enter the values in the calculator and hit the corresponding button. Use whole numbers only, no symbols, commas or decimal points.


Flux (Lumen):

View angle (°):
Intensity (Candela):


An LED has a specific viewing angle, which must be taken into consideration when calculating the LED Lumens. Refer to the diagram above. Consider this example: your LED has a viewing angle of 20 degrees and a rating of 10,000 mcd. You would enter 20 into the viewing angle box and 10000 into the mcd box. When you hit "Candela to Lumen", you will get the result of 0.96 Lumen.

Now, consider that an average 10 watt incandescent light bulb puts out about 120 Lumens. You would need just over 120 of the LEDs above to equal the light output of a single 10 watt light bulb.

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