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ThruNite Neutron 2C 1100 Lumen USB LED Flashlight

ThruNite sent me their Neutron 2C 1100 Lumen LED flashlight which is rechargeable and takes multiple types of batteries. With its small size, convenient USB charging port and powerful output this has become my EDC (Every Day Carry) flashlight.


ThruNite as always packages their products in a very sturdy box with all kinds of accessories. In the package you get the flashlight, a belt pouch, a USB charging cable, a lanyard, a spare power button gasket, 2 spare USB port covers and 2 spare seals. This means you get a flashlight for life.


ThruNite Neutron 2C LED Flashlight Package Contents

ThruNite Neutron 2C LED Flashlight Package Contents


I love the fact that this flashlight is USB rechargeable. These days you can always find a USB charger. I can charge this light in the car, at home or on the go. I have charged this using a portable USB power bank and solar power when out in the field fishing or hiking. We are off the grid and on the go a lot so having the ability to charge my flashight with USB is great.




Another great feature is the ability to use multiple different battery types with the Neutron 2C flashlight. You can use the following batteries:


1x 18650

1x 18350

2x CR123A

1x 16340


2x 16340


This is possible because the Neutron 2C can be broken down into a smaller flashlight if needed. This makes it smaller, more light weight and so convenient with the shorter batteries. But if you want more battery life then put it all together and use the larger 18650 battery from ThruNite with 3400 mAh of power.


ThruNite Neutron 2C Flashlight Takes A Variety Of Batteries

ThruNite Neutron 2C Flashlight Takes A Variety Of Batteries


Another great point about using multiple batteries is that it is more likely you can find a replacement in a grid down or survival situation. Having a flashight that is not tied to one single battery type is very unique and quite impressive.


Talking about impressive, this light has a powerful 1100 Lumen CREE XP-L V6 LED which is infinitely dimmable. This means that by pressing the power button and holding it, you can increase or decrease the brightness of the flashlight up to 650 Lumens or down to 12 Lumens.


There are also various operating modes with the Neutron 2C.


Firefly mode - 0.5 Lumens and lasts 49 days

Low power - 12 Lumens and lasts 130 hours

High power - 650 Lumens and lasts 2.7 hours

Turbo mode - 1100 Lumens and lasts 2.2 hours

Strobe Mode - 650 Lumens and lasts 5 hours


You get the firefly mode by long pressing the power button when the light is off. This allows you to see in the dark and navigate pathways without giving away your position. The firefly mode is bright enough to read a book or a map in the dark. You can use it as a night light in camp to avoid tripping hazards. This is perfect for survival scenarios when you need light but also must keep yourself hidden. My wife Melanie and I use it when camping all night in case one of us has to get up in the dark. This eliminates the need for turning on a bright flashlight and disturbing one another.


ThruNite Neutron 2C USB Chargeable LED Flashlight

ThruNite Neutron 2C USB Chargeable LED Flashlight


By pressing and holding the power button with the light turned on you can increase or decrease the brightness of the light. This allows you to get the brightness that you want and not some factory setting.



A double click on the power button gives you a whopping 1100 Lumens in turbo mode. This really lights up the night!! I use this quite often when searching the woods for predators.


Another double click from turbo mode gets you into the strobe emergency setting. This would be good for blinding an attacker or confusing an animal in the night. I can attest to this first hand since I was once able to walk right up on a possum in the night using the strobe light.


One more feature I love about ThruNite flashlights is the built in memory. This means that the flashlight will always turn on in the last mode you used (except turbo and strobe). This is so awesome because I no longer have to fumble through a mess of settings and buttons to get the light I need in a hurry. I have lost predators in the night due to messing around with flashlight settings. With the ThruNite flashlight, when something is attacking our chickens, I never lose a second.


The ThruNite Neutron 2C flashlight is also waterproof to 2 meters and shock proof to 1 meter. I have actually had this light under water for a while looking at fish one night. The light is so bright that I was able to get some awesome under water video footage with my action camera.


With the included belt pouch this has become my EDC (Every Day Carry) flashlight. I keep it on my belt at all times so that I always have light when I need it. And I am surprised how often I actually use this light. I use it for everything from entering the house to searching for predators after the chickens to filling up batteries in my electronics lab. It has become my main flashlight now. Again the USB charging port makes it so convenient too. I just plug it into the car when driving so it is always charged when needed.


This light also really pierces the night with a range of 240 meters, which is roughly 240 yards. This is a super powerful flashlight for its size.


This light is going to replace the flashlight that I mount on my shutgun at night because of its convenient size, ruggedness and powerful LED light.


Thank you ThruNite for another fine product. You can find the ThruNite Neutron 2C flashlight here:


Official Website: (5% OFF Coupon Code:THRUNITE , limited time!)   http://www.thrunite. com
Amazon US:



You can watch today's video here: ThruNite Neutron 2C 1100 Lumen USB Chargeable LED Light


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