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Gosun Solar Oven Long Term Test & Review

Since we got the GoSun solar stove to try out we have been using it just about every single day now. This is one of the absolute best products I ever got to use for off grid living and survival. This stove even cooks your meals during cloudy periods.


I was impressed and excited as I opened up the package when it arrived. I have always wanted to try out a professional solar cooker. I have experimented with homemade stoves before but with varied results. I had read the company history and they put some research into this stove.


GoSun Sport Solar Stove


Right out of the box this is ready to use. And we did just that. My wife Melanie and I mixed up some muffin mix and put it into small muffin papers inside the stove tray.


Outside in the sun I set up the stove, adjusted it to face into the sun and slid the cooking tray inside.


Only 25 minutes later we had perfect muffins baked by the power of the sun. The muffins had a perfect bit of brown on top and bottom. They were moist inside too. This was exciting. We made another batch and a half until the muffin mix was all used up.


Later for dinner Melanie mixed up some meat and veggies in the tray and I adjusted the solar oven into the sun again. As the day progresses, the sun moves across the sky so you will have to adjust the stove accordingly.




Not long after, we had a perfectly cooked meal ready to eat. This is truly a hands free and simple method to cook. All you have to do is adjust the oven into the sun, slide in the food and walk away. You dont even have to worry about being precise on the cooking time. It is hard to over cook food in this oven since it seals moisture in.


During cloudy or slightly overcast periods you will have to extend your cooking time. If there are patches of clouds moving over then you will probably have to double your time. If it is fully cloudy then you may end up waiting a few hours for a hot meal. But it will cook.


Any time it was not raining we had the GoSun solar oven outside cooking either our meals, desserts or bread.


GoSun solar oven


We have cooked rice dishes perfectly with this oven. The rice is just right. It is not over or under cooked. This surprised both Melanie and myself.


We have cooked, baked and slow cooked with this oven.


At the cabin we took this with us. Melanie made up some bread dough and let it rise. When it was ready she lined the tray with foil and put in some bread dough. About 20 minutes or so later we had perfect muffins for dinner. Immediately after that we put in the main course and cooked that too.


This stove cooks so well and fast that you can literally cook a three course meal with it. While you are serving the appetizer you can have the main course cooking. While the main course is being served pop in the dessert. It is awesome.

We take this camping and to BBQs as well. It folds up neatly for transport and takes up very little space. We toss it into the back seat of the truck and go.


You can cook or bake literally anything with this solar oven. We have had fish, rice dishes, hotdogs and hash browns, chicken stir fry and more. We have baked bread, muffins and dessert with this stove. Everything turned out perfect the first try.


This stove never dries out the food and it mixes in the flavors while it cooks. Chicken falls off the bone and is so tender. Fish hardly has to be chewed. Potatoes and carrots cook nicely. I would compare this stove with a dutch oven for versatility and cooking ability only much faster.


There is no work and no mess with this stove. When you are done cooking, simply fold it up and put it away. Once in a while some food may end up touching the inside of the tube. When this happens, simply put in some soapy water and attach the green scrubber to the cooking tray. Slide it in and out a few times and rinse the tube. Thats it.


We love this stove because we keep the heat outside in the summer. During the hottest summer days we can cook outside even better while keeping the house cool


And this is literally a free energy device. We cook our meals now for free with the power of the sun.


For survival or grid down scenarios I would highly recommend this stove. For daily use, even in winter this is a great stove. We will be using this all year round. We save energy and there is no mess or start up time as there is with charcoal or wood stoves. You can literally start cooking immediately with this stove. And there is no cool down time necessary. When you are done cooking you can simply fold it away and go unlike with wood and charcoal stoves.


The GoSun Sport solar cooker serves two people easily. For larger groups GoSun has a larger solar stove available.


Thank you GoSun for a truly amazing stove.


You can get your own Gosun solar stove here: GoSun Solar Cookers


You can watch today's video here: Free Energy Cooking With The GoSun Sport Solar Oven


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