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Human Powered Free Energy Generator

I am not sure what I have stumbled on here but I can charge up capacitors by holding a coil of wire in my hand. I was experimenting with aerial antenna energy gathering when I discovered that I was harvesting more energy from myself than from the air.


I built a small aerial energy collector using 4 germanium diodes and 4 capacitors. It was supposed to harvest the energy from the air. But actually it did nothing when I put the coil of wire in the air. When I picked up the coil though, the voltage kept rising.


Normally to harvest energy from the air, you place an insulated wire high up in the air and insert a rod into the ground as an earth connection. Then you put the small circuit I built in the middle of the two points and start to gather energy.


Aerial energy harvesting circuit

Aerial energy harvesting circuit



Aerial energy harvesting circuit


In the image above C1 and C2 are 200 nf 200 volt ceramic capacitors. C3 and C4 are 100 microfarad 50 volt electrolytic capacitors. The diodes are 1N34 germanium diodes. The antenna was a roll of 18 or 20 gauge insulated solid core wire. The ground was a wire with alligator clips on both ends clipped to a 4 inch long nail in the ground.


When I built my circuit and connected the volt meter, the voltage started to rise immediately. As I tried placing the coil of wire in different places I noticed that the voltage kept rising when I held the wire. When I put it down and let go, the voltage started to dissipate. No matter if I put the wire up high on a shelf or on the roof of my electronics shop the voltage did not rise unless I was holding the coil of wire.




I also noticed that the earth ground had to be in place for this to work at all. Remove the ground and the energy dissipated. Connect the ground again and the voltage started to rise.


I experimented with different positions such as standing or kneeling. I found that standing up straight with the coil of wire in my hand brought the best charge. When I knelt down the charging rate slowed but the voltage kept rising.


Human powered free energy generator

Human powered free energy generator


I am not sure what form of energy I am harvesting here really. It could be my own electrical impulses being collected in the coil. But more likely it is either radio waves or radiant energy. I am acting as an antenna to collect the energy and transfer it into the wire. At least this is my theory so far.


I am trying to figure out a way to harness this energy without the earth ground in place. If I can get this to work, I could have a human powered free energy generator here.


You can watch today's video here: Free Human Energy Generator ~ I Am Charging Capacitors


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