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Free Energy From The Earth Using Earth Battery

You can make a battery using a simple nail and a piece of copper wire stuck in the ground. With a volt meter you will see a voltage between the two pieces of metal. Any two separate pieces of metal will give you a potential difference (voltage) between them if stuck in the ground.


The earth battery is nothing new. Way back in the days of the telegraph lines they found that their systems ran long after their batteries ran down. They discovered that the earth itself was providing the power needed to run the telegraph lines over long distances.


You can make an earth battery at home easily. Any two different pieces of metal will show a voltage between them. You can experiment with different metals to see what gives you the greatest output. I am using a simple iron nail and a piece of copper wire. This is a solid copper wire used in home electrical grounding. You can also get a piece of solid wire from a household electrical wire. Just stip off a piece and stick it into the ground.


Earth Battery using a steel nail and copper wire

Earth Battery using a steel nail and copper wire


I used three nails and three pieces of copper for this experiment to see what was the best distance between the metals. Using a volt meter to measure the output I found that closer together gave me the higher voltage of 0.45 volts.




Now in itself this battery will not power anything. But you can connect multiple earth batteries together to increase their voltage and current.


By connecting them in series you can increase their voltage. But you cannot do this when using the earth directly because you are just shorting them out. You have to put them into separate containers to connect them in series.


You can connect multiple earth batteries in parallel to get more current.


Later I am going to string together multiple earth batteries in series using soup cans filled with dirt to see how much voltage I can get out of them.


You can experiment at home with this idea very easily. Try different types of metal and different combinations to see what voltages you can get out of your earth battery.


I have seen results as high as 2 volts per cell using various metals. I have yet to do this but stay tuned because I will be conducting more experiments right here.


You can watch today's video here: Earth Battery Free Energy From The Earth ~ Simple Experiment


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