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Sainsmart DSO238 Pocket Oscilloscope Kit

I bought the Sainsmart DSO238 oscilloscope kit over the others because of its larger display of 2.8 inches compared to the others with 2.4 inches. Besides that they all seemed to be about the same.


The price was about $25, which is pretty good for a pocket oscilloscope I thought. But it was in a kit form and had to be put together. There was much soldering to be done first.


The kit was missing some components and had some extras in the bag. So there was some confusion when I was sorting everything out. There are a lot of parts in this kit so it took me some time to figure out what was missing and what was extra. Some of the parts are also so tiny that you cannot read the numbers so it takes some educated guessing to figure them out.


Sainsmart DSO238 pocket oscilloscope kit


Fortunately I have some electronics on hand and was able to assemble the kit just fine.


When I first applied power I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked right away. With so many solder joints and confusion on the parts there is a lot of room for error.



I adjusted the oscilloscope display according to the manual easily enough. The larger display made it hard to reach the adjusting screw but I got it.


I was very pleased with this oscilloscope, especially for the price. The display is sharp and clear. It is a full color display which makes things very easy to read.


With basic waveforms this is quite awesome. The waveforms show up very clearly. The adjustments are easy to use as well.


After our move to Michigan I was able to really put this to the test. It is a nice looking scope with a pretty and crisp display but it is not very precise. I would prefer more ranges in order to get it adjusted better. Often a waveform goes off the screen and its hard to bring it back in place. I wish I could get a better view of some waveforms as well.


But for a beginners scope this is a very nice deal. The price is very good too.


I can see the voltage spikes on my Bedini motor output, which is what I bought this for originally.


You can watch today's video here: Sainsmart DS0238 Pocket Oscilloscope Kit Assembly & Review


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