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Unmodified AC Fan Used As Electricity Producing Wind Generator

This is a short and simple proof of concept experiment. A normal 115 volt AC fan motor with its original blades produces some power when placed in the wind.


Granted, this is not going to stop World hunger or power the nations. But it is an interesting proof of concept video where I show that an unmodified AC motor can produce some electricity when spun up.


I got this fan at a garage sale recently for a dollar with the intention of turning it into a wind generator. It came just as you see it right now with the wires cut short. I stripped the leads to allow the attachment of a multimeter.


Normal AC fan motor produces electricity in the wind

Normal AC fan motor produces electricity in the wind


I left the original aluminum fan blades in place because they spin up easily in a breeze due to their large surface area.



With the multimeter set on AC voltage I held the fan into the wind and it produced electricity. It was only producing about 0.2 volts AC max but it does prove that you can get power from an AC motor.


The core of this motor is soft iron with some aluminum. The idea is that the iron quickly magnetizes in a magnetic field and very rapidly loses its magnetism. But with time the iron will become just a little bit magnetized. Enough to produce some power anyway.


I plan to open this motor up and put high power NEO magnets inside in order to make a high power wind turbine. I will do this on video of course so keep watching for more electronics and alternate energy videos.


You can watch today's video here: Normal AC Fan Motor Produces Electricity In The Wind


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