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Using Solar Electric Energy & GoSun Solar Oven For Cooking

We are now about 95% off the grid using solar panels by day to power everything in our home. And we are cooking most of our meals with the GoSun Sport solar oven.


We recently moved from our off grid tiny house in New York to an on grid home in Michigan. In two months we have managed to take our home about 95% off the grid. The water pump is 240 volts and will take some time to get the right equipment and permits to connect it to solar power.


Our off grid electronics shop is fully off the grid with no ties to the outside World. This contains our batteries and solar charge controllers. The wood shop is also fully off the grid and is powered by the battery bank and solar panels connected to the electronics lab.


We have 1,000 watts of solar panels connected to the off grid electronics and wood shops. I charge up all my cordless power tools here. I also charge up all our rechargeable batteries and small electronic devices here. This saves us a lot on our energy bill.


Off grid solar power array

Off grid solar power array


The house is now mostly powered by 600 watts of solar panels and a small power inverter. We use an extension cord to power anything we need in the house during the day when the sun is shining. Only the water pump is not connected because it is 240 volts and I have nothing that can power it.


By using solar power directly off the solar panels during the day we have cut our electric bill down to about 18 cents per day. Soon this will be fully eliminated as well.


We recently received the GoSun Sport solar cooker which we are now using to cook most of our meals. This is saving us on the cost of propane since we can cook for free any time the sun is shining.


GoSun Sport solar oven

GoSun Sport solar oven


The GoSun solar oven is fast and efficient. We have baked muffins, cooked full meals and snacks in the solar oven. We can even cook meals if it is partly overcast, but it just takes a bit longer.


This solar oven is a great addition to our off grid homestead.


We are planning to set up an outside off grid kitchen soon for Melanie to cook outside when it is hot in order to reduce heat indoors. The GoSun Sport solar oven is now a permanent part of our daily routine.


You can find the GoSun Sport solar oven here: GoSun Sport Solar Oven


You can watch today's video here: Off Grid Solar Power & Off Grid Solar Oven


While you are over there please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow our daily videos as we strive to become self sufficient and off the grid on a budget.

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