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Light Weight Affordable Automatic 12 Volt Battery Charger From Banggood

I have a very nice digital automatic battery charger from which charges anything from small lead acid batteries up to 100 Ah batteries. I have been using this for a couple months now and am very pleased with the results.


First you put the jumper cables onto a battery and the device will turn on and sense the battery voltage and state of charge. Then you plug in the power cable and the device will automatically charge up your lead acid battery.


As the automatic battery charger works, it shows the battery voltage, charge current and state of charge in percentage. The battery charger will automatically reduce the voltage and current as the battery reaches its full capacity.


Banggood Automatic Battery Charger


I first started to use this automatic battery charger from for charging up my supercapacitors. You cannot just plug supercapacitors into a battery to charge them up or they will melt the wires. A supercapacitor is able to absorb its entire charge in seconds. They can take 1000s of amps in an instant.


So you need a charger with controlled current in order to charge up the supercapacitors. The Banggood battery cahrger works very well for this.


Next I began charging up my small 7 Ah lead acid battery each time it ran down as it powers devices in my electronics lab.


The Banggood automatic battery charger works well for this as well.



Banggood Automatic 12 Volt Battery Charger


At the time I was making the video review I did not yet have my boat battery home. We recently moved from NY to MI and I had to get another load of stuff. I finally got my large deep cycle boat battery home and have been keeping it charged up using the Banggood automatic battery charger.


It takes pretty much anything you throw at it from 7 Ah to 100 Ah batteries.


This charger is surprisingly light weight and quiet. You can hardly hear it as it charges up batteries. The maximum current I have seen is about 5.8 Amps as it charges a battery.


After the battery is charged, the device goes into a maintainer mode and waits for you to shut it down.


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12V 6A Smart Fast Battery Charger

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You can watch today's video here: Fully Automated Battery Charger I Have Been Using From Banggood


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