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Single Coil Bedini Motor Charging 7 Batteries & Increased Output w Capacitor

The other day I experimented with my single coil Bedini motor by charging a second set of batteries using only a second diode. Today I expanded that to a total of 7 batteries being charged with no increase on the input current. A capacitor across the batteries actually seems to increase the output even more.


Previously I took my Bedini SSG, which is the standard circuit and added a diode to the collector of the transistor. I then put a second set of batteries on to charge and it worked. The input current remained the same.


Today I added two more diodes and added another pair of batteries to bring it up to six batteries being charged at one time with no increase on the input current.


The primary set of charging batteries are a pair of 6 volt 216 Ah golf cart batteries connected in series to give me a 12 volt battery. It seems that the Bedini motor is tuned to this set of batteries because nothing I add to the output changes the speed or input current.



I tried putting a photo flash capacitor across a pair of batteries to see what would happen. I did not actually expect to see any results at all. I was very surprised to see the battery voltage jump up to over 12 volts instantly. This was a total surprise. I figured that since the batteries are old and junk the capacitor may have had some voltage in it from a previous experiment and could be showing that voltage.


So I shorted out the capacitor. When I connected the capacitor to the batteries again the voltage jumped up to over 12 volts again. I shorted the capacitor a second time but still when I put the capacitor in parallel with the charging battery, the voltage jumped up considerably.


I grabbed another capacitor and put it across the other battery pair and found the same results. The charging voltage jumped up considerably.


Bedini motor with single coil charging 7 batteries at one time


All of the batteries I am charging were at a very low voltage before putting them on the Bedini motor. The last four batteries I connected were very dead and out of water before I started to restore them here.


The input current at the begining of the test was about 180 to 190 mA. But somehow later the curent dropped to about half that at about 90 mA. I cannot explain this but it may be a result of using the capacitor.

I am going to try to repeat this result later and see if I can figure out why the current dropped in half.


Someone suggested in the comments the other day that maybe the batteries are sharing the output current. If that was true then the voltage on the first set of batteries under charge would drop some as I added batteries. But this was not the case. So I do not think the current is being shared at all.


I have ordered some small ammeters to see if I can figure this out but I have to wait for them to arrive.


Later I added a 7th battery to the output of the Bedini motor and the input current still did not change.


I cant wait for my ammeters to arrive in the mail so I can see if there is any current going to the batteries on charge.


Stay tuned for more experiments on the Bedini motor.


You can watch today's video here: Amazing Results With Single Coil Bedini Motor & Increased Output


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