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ThruNite C2 Power Bank & Battery Charger Review

ThruNite sent me the C2 power bank and 18650 battery charger. This is a small and convenient power bank which holds a single 18650 battery. It is also a battery charger.


The ThruNite C2 power bank comes with a 3400 mAh 18650 battery, a USB charging cable and a soft carrying case. The battery can be replaced or swapped out as needed making the C2 quite versatile and handy. Since the 18650 batteries are becoming very common you can keep a few of these on hand for virtually unlimited power on the go.


ThruNite C2 18650 Battery PackThruNite C2 18650 Battery Pack


I use my folding solar panel to keep my C2 power bank charged up on the go. This essentially gives me free energy at all times. You can charge the C2 with any USB power source.


You can use this as a power bank or a battery charger. As a battery charger simply swap out the batteries and charge them up. When charging the indicator light shows the status of charge. Below are the colors:


Red - under 3 volts

Flashing purple - 3 to 3.65 volts

Flashing blue - 3.65 to 4.2 volts

Blue - 4.2 volts



As a power bank you can use the C2 to power your mobile devices on the go. With a surprising 3 Amp output capacity this little device can actually charge your tablet, cell phone, camera or other mobile device. I use it in my off grid shop to power USB lights. Then I recharge it with the folding solar panel for free energy and lighting at all times. I have also been using it to charge my cell phone while traveling.


ThruNite C2 charging my cell phoneThruNite C2 charging my cell phone


When used as a power bank the indicator LED colors are as shown below:


Flashing blue - 3.65 to 4.2 volts

Flashing purple - 3 to 3.65 volts

Flashing red - 2.8 to 3 volts

Red - under 2.8 volts


ThruNite C2 used as a power bankThruNite C2 used as a power bank


With a total capacity of 12.24 Wh (Watt Hours) this small device can fully top off my power hungry cell phone even while I am using it at the same time.


When the battery is drained you simply swap it out and keep going or recharge it for next time.


This is great for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping or off grid living due to its convenient small size but large power capacity. Plus the ability to swap out batteries for even more portable power.


The ThruNite C2 will become a permanent part of my EDC (Every Day Carry) bag from now on. I will never run out of power again during emergency situations, fishing or hiking through the woods.

Having a source of power out in the field or mountains is vital to survival in our electronics day and age. I have often used my cell phone in emergencies through the years out in the mountains. It functions as a GPS, compass, emergency contact, internet device and more.


Made out of aircraft aluminum the C2 is tough and can handle a fall with no problem.


I would highly recommend the ThruNite C2 to my friends.


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