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Recycled Dead Jump Starter Electronics For Battery Charger

I got a couple dead car jump starter packs from a friend for free. I have recycled the electronics from the jump starter pack to use them as a lead acid battery charger and more.


My friend hauls scrap metal and I saw these in the back of his truck one day. He had removed the batteries and the cables for their scrap metal value. He gave the empty booster pack shells to me for asking. Otherwise he would have to save up a load of garbage and take it to the dump. In this way I am also helping out the environment.


The car jump starter packs have a lot of valuable electronics and parts inside them. They have a regulated trickle battery charger for one thing. This charger is meant to slowly and gently charge up a lead acid battery. But there is also a high amp switch which is used to connect power to the jumper cables. These are worth about $10 to $14 alone.


Recycling an old car jump starter pack for its battery charger and electronicsRecycling an old car jump starter pack for its battery charger and electronics




There is a fused cigarette lighter socket which you can salvage for use in your vehicle or other projects. I use them extensively on our off grid homestead and off grid tiny house on wheels.


There is also often a volt meter or LED charge status indicator. These are great to use for other projects or to keep with the battery charging circuits for your recycled battery charger.


Many of the jump starter packs also have power inverters, air compressors and more. These are good things that you can salvage and use for other projects. Each one of these things cost a fair amount of money if purchased separately.


Car Jump Starter Salvaging ElectronicsCar Jump Starter Salvaging Electronics


I kept the case on the jump starter that I am using right now for convenience. It has everything I need all in one place. I may remove the switch at a later time but for now I know where it is if I need it.


I am also considering either cutting off the bottom half of the case or designing a nice wooden case to hold the electronics. If I go this route then I can simply use the original case as a template for the wood work on the face of the new box. In this way I would have a beautiful and portable battery charger.


The jump starters that I got had the battery terminals cut off so all I had to do was to put on two crimp on end connectors, connect a battery, plug it in and watch it work.


I am using this to recharge a brand new lead acid battery that I am using to power my pulse motor inside the off grid tiny house on wheels. It is convenient and easy to use.


Recycled Jump Starter Battery Pack Charging BatteryRecycled Jump Starter Battery Pack Charging Battery


I hope this article helps someone out there with some ideas on recycling old battery jump starters.


You can watch today's video here: Recycling Dead Jump Starter Pack As Battery Charger & More


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