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Putting The Q3 Generator Motor Rotor & Stator Halves Together

I brought the Quanta Magnetics Q3 Charge Accelerator downstairs to the tiny house dining room table for final assembly of the pulse motor section.


I tightened down the rotor retaining screws on both sides of the rotor assembly to make sure there are no gaps between the acrylic plates. This will reduce vibration and noise due to magnet vibration later.


Assembling pulse motor generator rotor and stator halvesAssembling pulse motor generator rotor and stator halves


In order to get the rotor assembly onto the motor shaft I had to loosen the hub bolts and then slide it on. I also had to use a little bit of oil to help slide it into its place on the motor shaft. I was in contact with the company Quanta Magnetics and they told me to use nuts on the hub bolts for easier assembly so I did just that and it worked out well.




I stripped all the wires on the stator halves and checked them for continuity with my multimeter. I wanted to be sure that there were no bad solder joints before putting the motor together. Fortunately everything checked out just fine.


I slid the motor shaft which now held the rotor onto the motor assembly and pushed it into position.


Next I assembled the frame bolts which will hold the motor stator assemblies in place. Now came the second stator half which slid right into its place close to to the rotor assembly.


I removed the second bearing and the bearing plate and put the bearing into its recessed hole in the plate. Then I put this onto the floor and carefully pressed the bearing into place using my knees for even pressure. This worked just fine.


I attached the bearing plate to the motor assembly. This will keep pressure off the motor shaft and the first bearing. Now the motor stands freely on its own.


Pulse motor generator assembly nearly completedPulse motor generator assembly nearly completed


You can watch today's video here: Assembling Q3 Pulse Motor Rotor And Stator Halves Together


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