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Building Cedar Closet From Reclaimed Antique Wood

About a year ago I got a slightly damaged antique cedar closet for free and dismantled it for a later project. I also built the frame for a closet in my tiny house on wheels. Today I finished building my cedar wood closet using reclaimed lumber.


I got this old antique closet from a friend who cleans out houses, barns and garages. He needed to get rid of it and I salvage any usable wood that I can find. Especially cedar wood. I brought it home and took it apart carefully. I stored the wood in my wood tent for a later date. My plans were to eventually build a cedar closet with this wood.


You can see the video where I dismantled the closet here: Dismantling Antique Cedar Closet




At another time I built the framing for a closet in my off grid tiny house on wheels. I was single and built it large. It was way too large. Before I finished the project I met Melanie and realized that the closet frame had to be reduced in size to give us more room in the tiny house loft.

Building closet from recycled wood

Completing Recycled Wood Storage Closet


Today was the day for me to finish this project.


I emptied the closet. We had our clothes hanging inside it all this time. Then I moved it over to the addition to the loft where I could work on it.


One side at a time I shortened the frame height by 9 inches. Then I reduced the depth of the closet frame by 4 inches. This gives me a 39 inch height by 20 inches deep. Perfect for storing clothes on hangers.


Next I went out to the wood storage tent and dug out my antique cedar wood closet boards. The side boards were exactly the same width as my homemade closet frame. All I had to do was to cut off the water damaged bottom ends and shorten it to fit my closet height. Two cuts and I was done.


Upstairs in the tiny house loft I used nails salvaged from the dresser demolition the other day to fasten the cedar wood to my homemade closet frame. A few screws went in as well for holding strength.


I sat and admired my work so far. It was looking very good. And it smells nice too. I love the smell of cedar wood.


Next I went out to get the antique cedar wood cabinet top and cut it to size. It was also the perfect depth for my closet. Some screws held it nicely in place.

Now we have a beautiful homemade cedar wood closet in our off grid tiny house loft. I have to make the doors bu they are going to be sliding doors because there is no room between the closet and the bed to fully open normal closet doors. For this project I will have to get some hardware so this project is going to have to wait.


I sat in our antique rocking chair and looked at what I had done. In a few short days I have closed in my office wall and set up shelving. Melanie and I demolished an old dresser to make her a desk and shelves. I built a storage cabinet out of recycled pallet wood. And now I completed my reclaimed cedar wood closet.


Not bad for a few days worth of work.


You can see the video of today's work here: Building Cedar Closet With Reclaimed Lumber


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