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Post Apocalyptic Electricity And Electronics

I hate to be all gloom and doom, but preparing for a disaster or an emergency is a good idea. After living through a hurricane in Upstate New York, in the mountains and seeing the destruction far from the coast, I am a believer of prepping. You may suddenly find yourself living with no electricity and just the skills God gave you.

Salvaging electronics to cannibalize for other uses is nothing new to me. Growing up with a love of electronics but little money teaches one how to find what you need from used electronics. Even old, discarded stereo equipment laying out in a field may yield up some very useful electronics parts.

I found an old stereo out in a forest, laying exposed to the elements. Most people would think this was total junk and had nothing useful left in it. Not so. This old piece of electronics junk still has rugged old power transistors, high power resistors, variable resistors, heat sinks, capacitors, switches and wire in the transformers. Some of these parts are now being used in my homemade solar charge controller in the off grid trailer.

Most electronic parts from the older days are very rugged and can withstand a lot of abuse from nature. The power transistors in an old stereo still work well and can be used for a variety of projects. They make good high power electronic switches, for example.

Post nuke electronics should still function just fine. Maybe some things will get destroyed, but some parts will be salvageable. You can keep your old radio or basic electronics going with a little skill and searching.

After disaster strikes and the economy collapses, junk piles and back yards will become your shopping mall.

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